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  1. the first prism

    Plague inc

    Hi, this is just a general thread about plague Inc. I play on mobile, on the non-premium version. All I need to do is get 3 stars on brutal for the neurax worm scenario. Can someone help me?
  2. the first prism

    Design the menu

    Salutations, my fellow chefs. We have a task : To create the largest menu in the world. The food can be weird, gross or wacky. Have fun (and make sure to put the course number) Course 1 : Cauliflower soup
  3. the first prism

    Whats your loadout?

    My end-game loadout is : Last Prism Solar eruption Nebla blaze Armour: Nebula Accessories: Lucky celestial cuffs Warding mana flower Lucky solar wings Warding celestial shell Lucky lightning boots Warding charm of myths I also keep 300 mana potions as I use the Last Prism for anything. My...
  4. the first prism

    A weapon guide : from the first day to the lunar events

    Ever wondered how you can find what weapons are worth finding / making? Well this is a guide from starting off to beating moon lord. First Day The first weapon you are going to make is the wooden bow, and some arrows. Using this, you should go to the snow biome to get ice and boreal wood. This...
  5. the first prism

    Sprucing up the snow biome

    We all know how boring the surface snow biome is pre-hardmode. Only a variant of the slime at day and a variant of the zombie at night. Its just boring... Ice grubs Hp: 5 Damage : 0 Defence : 0 These can be caught using the bug net. It has 20% bait power in snow...
  6. the first prism

    Casual How will the world end?

    Ok, so reply to this thread about your ideas for the world ending. Try to keep on topic, as the only other thread about this topic has been locked. I think the world will end when the sun expands and consumes the earth.
  7. the first prism

    A small nerf to medusas

    We've all had that moment. Gathering some underground resource, farming for souls underground or dropping down to hell. And then a medusa drops in and annihilates you... Well this suggestion is a SMALL Nerf to medusas. All I'm suggesting is that they reduce the duration of the stoned debuff...
  8. the first prism

    Weapons you have never found, made or used

    This is a thread about weapons you've never made or used. For me, it would be the magic harp from the twins . I just cant be bothered to make it.... Museum of non-used items: Pearlwood sword Any shortsword Bladetounge
  9. the first prism

    WIP An endgame multi-class armour

    So, you've beaten the Moon Lord and grinded all his drops and made all the armour. But due to classes, you can only really use a couple of his drops. Enter : Fusion armour This would be a new, multi-class armour for anyone who doesn't want to pick a class. Overall stats...
  10. the first prism

    the massive fight

    Note: This game requires 2 or more characters to start. Welcome to....... THE MASSIVE FIGHT! This is a seemingly endless arena , where killing people is the only goal. But how do you kill people? When you start off a game, you will be able to create a character. This can have any ability you...
  11. the first prism

    New flail

    When I was trying to do a flail only play through, I noticed that there was no early game flail. Lets fix this: Name: Spikerock (probably bad) Damage: 7 Length: 5.5 tiles Crafting: 15 stone and 30 wood at a workbench or anvil. Let me know if anything needs changing
  12. the first prism

    Console What is your hardest boss (relative to progression)

    Mine definitely is expert skeletron. His speed. And he has about the health of the WOF. But you're meant to beat him before queen bee. LOGIC!
  13. the first prism

    Suggestion saturday : Small changes to the shackle

    All I saying is that this item should give 2-3 defence instead of one. However, it would also reduce movement speed by 15%. Also, its drop chance will be reduced to 0.75% from 2% as it can get 6/7 defence. This would make the player carefully consider it as an accessory. (there may be...
  14. the first prism

    Cross-Platform The fortnite thread

    Well, yes. This is a thread where you can talk about anything fortnite related: Battle Royale, save the world, etc. If its a tip, start post with 'tip' If screenshot/video, start post with 'capture'. If its general discussion, just write the post. I'll start: What do you think of blue pumps?
  15. the first prism

    Things that you have ignored in terraria

    So, when I was preparing a character for 1.3, I noticed so many things I forgot about in the game. These were: Any type of shield Meteor being able pre-boss and being way too op. The terrablade (this was in 1.2 as well!) So what do/did you forget about?
  16. the first prism

    WIP The trench/coral reefs

    This is an idea of mine that I have been thinking about for a while. I present to you...... The Trench Note: This thread is a huge WIP. It will take a long time for me to finish it. This is a biome that is on the seafloor, at the side of the jungle. It will have multiple layers, one for each...
  17. the first prism

    Xbox One Munitions shop

    Hello, I am changing my armour business to a practical munitions shop. Feel free to negotiate any prices. Shurikens= N/A Throwing knives =N/A Poisoned knives=2 gold per 999 Bone javelin= 1 gold per 100 Bone knives = 1 gold per hundred Beenade = 15 gold per 1000 Meteor shot = 1 gold per 200...
  18. the first prism

    Xbox One looking to sell 20 souls of flight

    I am selling 20 souls of flight for 20 gold. Xbox gamertag is dementedscarf.
  19. the first prism

    Xbox One Need a DCU

    Hi, can I trade something for a DCU? If you're interested, ask a price (I only have 4 platinum coins).
  20. the first prism

    Console How do you think the new updates are going to come out?

    I was just wondering, how are the 1.3+ updates going to come out. If they're going to do 1.3.1,1.3.2etc or have bug fixes, or maybe even lump all that content together for a massive release.
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