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  1. TerrarianKid4

    Well, IDK what to ask. Um.... At what age did you start playing Terraria?

    I started at the age of 7, possibly 8, on console, but over these past 6 or 7 years, PC really grew on me. I played PC for the first time at age 11, and I can't stop.
  2. TerrarianKid4

    PC Xbox 360 controller doesn't work

    Okay, so before 1.4 came out, I was able to use an Xbox 360 Controller to play Terraria on my pc. Can someone please explain why it suddenly doesn't work anymore?
  3. TerrarianKid4

    Xbox 360 Wa(ll) (O)f fles(h) killing spree

    At the beginning of May, I will be recording a Terraria 1.2(XB360) waffles killing spree vid for my channel, DatReal ConnorWills . It will also serve as a mini update vid. Gear must be Pre-WoF or very slightly Post-WoF. Up to Ori weapons and Palladium armor.
  4. TerrarianKid4

    Xbox One Infinite save glitch

    When I have Autosave enabled, it has a chance of infinitely saving and it makes you lose all progress from previous save. Countering this means disabling Autosave, and that's... kinda risky, because you could have a crash and lose all data that way. Please fix this infinite save glitch...
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