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  1. Neon

    Mobile Puzzle and Dragons Discussion/ID Share

    PUZZLE AND DRAGONS THREAD ~~~Hiya guys!~~~ If you haven't heard of Puzzle and Dragons, it's a great app that's like a mix between Bejeweled and Pokemon. You make a team of monsters and match orbs on the bottom part of the screen to determine the power and type of your attacks. So if you haven't...
  2. Neon

    Serious Steve The True Terrarian King jk lel

    <content removed by staff>
  3. Neon

    Member-Run Contest Diancie Code Giveaway!

    CLOSED 'Sup. I have a few extra Diancie codes that are redeemable for Pokemon X and Y, and would like to give them away! All you have to do is pick a number between 1 and 50 that hasn't been already chosen, and I will put your name there. I will use a random number generator to decide the...
  4. Neon

    Guess The User!

    This game is pretty simple. I will give a hint (either in written or image form) And you have to figure out which user the hint is for Whoever guesses it right first will get to provide the next hint! Also, if things get too hard, another hint can be provided to help. Starting off...
  5. Neon

    I hope some of y'all remember me...

    Hey, it's me! You know, that guy that made that one guide on how to get a bunch of likes? Ya, good times... Anyway, I'm really happy to be here on the new forums, and I hope to be a bit more active from here on out! See ya later!
  6. Neon

    WIP Neon's Modest Suggestions

    Hello there! Welcome to my migrated suggestions thread that was originally on TO, but now it's here! That's it for now, but I plan to add more in the future :D
  7. Neon

    Pixel Art Neon's Random Sprites 'n' Things

    Hey guy's it's me, your friendly neighborhood Spriterman! I've ported over my my post from TO, and now all of my swagtacular sprites are here on TCF!!! More to come!...
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