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  1. Charielity❤

    Bought some tarot cards... proceeded to crush them while yelling "PERSONA!".

    Bought some tarot cards... proceeded to crush them while yelling "PERSONA!".
  2. Charielity❤

    you want a boneless pizza?

    you want a boneless pizza?
  3. Charielity❤

    PC Terraria won't launch.

    Well, I am playing extremes right now, but this worked for me once so... Delete Terraria and Steam entirely, then create a new account for Windows. Download Steam from that account and see if that works.
  4. Charielity❤

    PC Help getting server to work.

    Probably the server executable and the game executable are running in the same core. Change them.
  5. Charielity❤

    PC I need help D:

    Reinstall Terraria and disable Steam Cloud, then try to open the game.
  6. Charielity❤

    Help Me Please!

    There are 3 options: 1. Disable Steam Cloud and try to load the backup. Probably won't work because Steam Cloud loves to destroy backups, but hey, might as well. 2. Disable Steam Cloud, reinstall Terraria, and try again with the backup. 3. Cheat your character to have the same stuff as...
  7. Charielity❤

    PC Terraria won't launch.

    Reinstall the game and Steam. If it still does it, post back.
  8. Charielity❤

    I updated my status... now it is Status 1.3.5.

    I updated my status... now it is Status 1.3.5.
  9. Charielity❤

    Sound Bug in Character Creator.

    no, I had it with Logitech and Rampage too, and it happened when I was hovering over the second bar. Never happened to me in the first bar though.
  10. Charielity❤

    Easy Money (and it's also kind of fun)

    Both of those summoning items are not even that expensive for me. I personally find harder to farm Lens (yes, really, I do not know if it's just me), but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I might as well try your option more thoroughly again, maybe it is really better.
  11. Charielity❤


  12. Charielity❤

    Greetings, Terrarians And Earthlings, From Yours Truly

    I really appreciate people that can really feel as the character they built, hope you have a good time!
  13. Charielity❤

    PC Here's Johnny

    Welcome then, glad to see you here!
  14. Charielity❤

    Hello Everyone!

    We too, hope to see you around here! Welcome!
  15. Charielity❤

    Hello :D

    Welcome if you joined here for the first time, and welcome back if you came back after a break!
  16. Charielity❤

    Greetings Terrarians!

    Heya! Welcome to the Terraria Forums! Yes, potion farming is needed by the way and I do not really play multiplayer that much, but I am sure they are active as always!
  17. Charielity❤

    Proceed with caution.

    Proceed with caution.
  18. Charielity❤

    PC How do I beat the destroyer in 1.3 as a mage?

    I recommend using Nimbus Rod as a backline weapon (constant mediocre damage without effort), Shadowflame Hex Doll as a supportive weapon for probes/incoming NPCs and also some extra chip damage to the Destroyer. My main weapon was the Laser Rifle for this battle, but Meteor Staff works wonders too.
  19. Charielity❤

    100% chance not to consume ammo?

    Endless Musket Pouch/Quiver does not provide you with those sweet Ichor/Chlorophyte bullets though.
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