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  1. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Frost fort

    Frost fort is a dungeon defenders area. Small but packs a punch.
  2. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Bone pit

    This mini biome spawns any surface to underground and spawns skeletons faster with the occasional bone serpent.
  3. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC GK's Slimetown update

    Update Creation: Slime town has gotten bigger.
  4. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC GK57's Slimetown reborn

    After two drives failing me. But somehow I keep rebuilding. Gk57 out.
  5. GatEkEEpEr57

    Idea: Accessory; Samurai sashimono

    This Accessory can be bought from the Peddler. When equipped the gear allows Monster banners effect carried with player and party. By Changing the equippmen's Dye slot to a banner slot. Party's who have the same equipent give a 3% damage too moster type.
  6. GatEkEEpEr57


    <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FJerrypittmansteward%2Fvideos%2F1199585240094789%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"...
  7. GatEkEEpEr57

    GatEkEEpEr57's Player suggestion

    Player Suggestions 1: Npc-Player Interactive Game-play 2: Vanity taunts; Vanity set Animations. 3: Leveled weapons and items. 4: Accessory base weapon enhancers. 5: PVP Faction Biome Influence. Section one Npc-Player Interactive Game-play The Diversity of the Npc is simple. Build...
  8. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC Slime Architecture 2: The update

    Changes to house and Arms dealier shop. Some creative scenes. Well and pipeline ideas for random world creation.
  9. GatEkEEpEr57

    Gameover screen buttons

    just a simple tweak under the gameover title two buttons that say Respawn And main menu.
  10. GatEkEEpEr57

    spring blocks

    I been thinking of a 1x2 block on a spring it's very simple. Possably craft with a wood block with four iron or lead iggots.
  11. GatEkEEpEr57

    gloves of lifting

    Type tool When tool is active players can lift and throw individual block from forward & below. Tool can also activate pull switches from walls. Tool can only lift soft materal such as soil and ferniture like chairs and chests filled with items. Press down action to drop object. Drops randomly...
  12. GatEkEEpEr57

    Small item tweeks and combinations.

    Weapons Firehose= Flamthower + Elfmelter/ Uses 50% less ammo, rightclick to coat things in gel. Inferohose= Firehose + Meteor bar (10) + Hellstone Bar (10) + Solarfragment (10) + Souls of Fright (10) X5 burn damage Stickyhose= Firehose + Clyrophite Bar (10) + Buckets of honey (10) + Stardust...
  13. GatEkEEpEr57

    PC HUD

    i've had some idea's for HUD tweeks that I wanted you to notice! In the example below. One: I've noticed that certain Accessories in the game will always be over lapped by almost every other item like "arctic diving gear" and quick switching form vanity to active will show items that i don't...
  14. GatEkEEpEr57

    Slime Architecture

    Hi i'm Jerry the Slime Architect I take use of this abundant material. Since i'm a natural hoarder of items. Gel started to take most of my inventory. The sky blue material seemed useless at first. When i made my first slime chest it instantly became my favorite and took the self title. I've...
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