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  1. Croc

    PC Terraria takes ages to load... like ages..

    So i boot up terraria and steam processes it but it takes like a million years to actually initialize... the process is alive under task manager but im wondering why it takes so long to start up My specs :) Nvidia Gtx 960 Intel Core I5-3470 CPU 3.20GHz 8 Gig ram Windows 10, however this...
  2. Croc

    PC Best World Generation?

    Title says it all, whats your best random world generation, mine would have to be having a super thick big tree to my right when i spawned in
  3. Croc

    Was the R.O.D (Rod of discord) drop rate nerfed to hell?

    Ive been farming for 2 days now, on two seperate worlds in hallow farms.... not 1 ROD has dropped was the drop nerfed?... i didnt see anything about it on the wiki
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