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  1. camdync

    All NPCs Disappeared and Bestiary reset upon world load

    I am aware that especially in modded playthroughs there are issues like this from 1.3 and before, but in this case me and my friend were simply loading our game after saving it the night before - all of our NPCs, bestiary entries were missing; just, gone. The World AND the backup were deleted...
  2. camdync

    Stormy's Suggestion Thread

    Nuffing much here currently, updated whenever My First Suggestion: ----------------Sprites---------------- Mutated Serpent Health: 5000 Defense: 10 (while in attack 1) 0 (attack 2) Damage: 20 (Melee) 35 (Poison Shot) 50 (Inside mouth during poison shot) Knockback: 6...
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