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  1. Cthugh

    PC Ammo crafting buffed!

    Introduction: Historically, special arrows and bullets are crafted in bulks, and 'rangers' need to farm for materials to craft them, it is not bad but it can become tedious pretty quickly. And especially for rare type of ammunition, for example luminite arrows. I see the grinding problem on...
  2. Cthugh

    Other Art Android Customizacion (widgets/launchers/icons/anything)!

    Hi, I'm making this threat for everyone to share their creations/homescreen/widgets/icon packs/etc... Please also share the apps you used (created using Zooper Widget, Material Wallpapers: :Infinite and Materis - icon pack) (Created using Zooper Widget and Moonshine icon pack) Feel free...
  3. Cthugh

    PC Food boosters!

    So... We have many types of food. I love food, you love food? Well, my name is Cthugh and I suggest that different food types boost different things... Ok. Grub Soup, cooked fish, bowl of soup, and pumpkin pie keep the well feed buff. But Pad Thai and Pho, instead of giving you that buff...
  4. Cthugh

    PC Hunting Missions (and some mini-bosses)

    Hi everyone, I'm Cthugh, and I want to share with you my suggestion. Hunting missions! You know... Like fishing missions, but with danger and style... This would give a new option in the Arms Dealer menu, after the EoW or the BoC are defeated. a Hunting mission would consist of hunting down a...
  5. Cthugh

    PC Sword aiming (giving swords a bit of love)

    Hi everybody, my name is Cthugh and I'm suggesting Sword aiming OK, I know what you are thinking: "what the :redspin:, no!" But listen to me on this one Instead of "full" aiming I'm talking about directing the "swing" of the sword in one of 4 different angles. How is that? Depending on the...
  6. Cthugh

    PC More Explosions!

    I'm trying to create some unique explosives for my suggestion threat, these are so far... First my personal favorite: The Cryo-Grenade: Stats: 80 damage 10 knock back 99 Max stack 9 velocity 14 use time Effects: applies frostburn for 3-4 seconds, also chilled for 5 It left a cloud of mist...
  7. Cthugh

    WIP TerraBow (and possibly a TerraWave)

    Hello there, I'm Cthugh, well... down to business, OK? We all know the emblematic terrablade, but hey, I'm a Ranger, doesn't I have an emblematic gun? But as the chain gun or the tsunami, or even the snowman Cannon we don't actually have something that emblematic as the terrablade is for the...
  8. Cthugh

    Background that actually interacts with the foreground

    OK, have you tried to build an adventure map with wire puzzles and so? But you don't want to show all the wire connections to the player? Well, then it can be use full my first suggestion: wired background! [needs a better name...] Wired background The idea: This is a background wall that...
  9. Cthugh

    Cthugh here!

    Hi to all! I currently don't have a computer so I am limited to play terraria on mobile, so... That a problem, but well, I'm from Guatemala a place you probably have never hear of. It southern to Mexico and Northern to El Salvador [I don't speak too much English so I may have mistaken a word...
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