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  1. Sarrih

    New game+ : the last brick of completion this game needs.

    Hello everyone! As a (relatively) seasoned Terraria player, I welcomed expert mode brought by the 1.3 with open arms. Having had played the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours, there was barely any challenge left that the game could offer me, and the only way for me and my friends to face a...
  2. Sarrih

    Why all the hate for Minecraft?

    This is a legit question. Why? It's not a singleplayer game you know, it's a creative tool. Just open your mind for 3 seconds and you'll see that. It allows you to litterally create games inside the game, it allows you to easily create texture packs, mods, maps, logical circuits... How are you...
  3. Sarrih

    Some of my deep thoughts

    Hey, haven't been on the forum for a while. I just want to share some of my deep thoughts. That's not much, you probably heard about them somewhere else... But for me it's different. What I'll say truly come from my deep thoughts and is becoming part of me, I don't share it because I heard it...
  4. Sarrih

    What significant thing has indirectly Terraria brought to your life?

    3 years ago, I joined a french terraria forum which doesn't exist anymore. There also was an IRC with it and I met awesome people in it. They became my first true friends ever, and I started changing and thinking about myself by seeing how open-minded they were. This has leaded to who I am...
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