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  1. lich_king

    tModLoader terraria event/ invasion editing question

    hello, this is a quick question(i think) but is their a way to add more enemies you have to kill in them like changing the slime rain max kill count from 150 to 200 or 75 to 200 , if thats not possible,(im not trying to be pushy here) can the people who made tmodloader to add that
  2. lich_king

    tModLoader LIchs content mod

    Lich's Conent Mod the forgotten lore Mod state: still being worked on |Discord Link| hello and welcome all to this mod called the forgotten lore, the mod will add many new weapons, new...
  3. lich_king

    Whats your most embarrassing game moment

    welcome gamer, like the title says, What's your most embarrassing game moment. mine is when I was playing Minecraft lucky block island minigame, there was this one drop from the lucky block that summons a pig that when punched turns into the pigman king. so heres the story: I just found myself...
  4. lich_king

    tModLoader builder mod question

    hey this is a little thread but is there a mod to quick building so I can build an area to test my mods weapons, armor, enemies, etc.
  5. lich_king

    tModLoader Lich_king's modding guide

    hello and welcome. you may see this and think "didn't this guy quit out on modding?","who is this guy?", or "oooooh a modding guide". well if you are thinking the first one yes i did quit on modding twice but now i am working on a big mod(not as big as rise of kingdoms, like rise of Armageddon)...
  6. lich_king

    Pixel Art lich kings pixel art kingdom

    hello and welcome to my pixel art kingdom, well you know here are my sprites and what not..... oh yea some of these will maybe be from my mod and some from my old mod(remakes of course), also maybe remakes of other mods sprites(if I can). so after all this my sprites: [/SPOILER]
  7. lich_king

    Tell me your favorite Video Games

    just tell me your favorite video games mine are: undermine hollow knight terraria shovel knight and rarely roblox(user name: mactrucker1 and note I get really annoyed by the other players, mostly on jailbreak)
  8. lich_king

    tModLoader cult magic problem

    eh this is just a short forum, all I am asking is what is the lunatics cultists attacks called in projectileID, like the ancient lights and the ice ball attack. :/
  9. lich_king

    ask the lich king anything

    ask your forum friendly lich king anything all the info you need is: lich king is the ruler of lichs and black slime, is a slime, can transform into anything , and im not the lich king from that game that I forgot what it was called.
  10. lich_king

    tModLoader The Rise of Armageddon

    THIS MOD IS CANCEILLED, sorry welcome everyone to The Rise of Armageddon, a mod that will be coming in 2020 (or longer), and if you all remember the Clash of Kingdoms and all of its bosses and junk well only a few of them survived, sorry. anyway this mod will focus on quality > quantity, also...
  11. lich_king

    tModLoader ocean biome problem

    hello I am having trouble making a biome that will replace one side of the ocean. i tried to use oceanBG or whatever it was called and use the gps item and got the position but nope, but it could be also me using tileid.sand to find the starting tile idk.
  12. lich_king

    Sprites lich kings boss ideas

    Hello and welcome to my first ever boss ideas, this place is were I will post some of my boss ideas for terraria and terraria bosses and if it gets too full then i will make a new one there will be two different types: for no mod boss ideas and boss ideas for other mods boss ideas not for...
  13. lich_king

    orgin of lich king part 1(now in the right place)

    hey guys I know a bunch of you want to know the origin of lich king it was like 0 people want to know but I don't care here it is(and note it is much different from the lich king from my mod) Once apon a time there was a black slime who was the smartest and nicest slime in the world. He...
  14. lich_king

    IC The orgin of Lich king part 1

    in a different section now
  15. lich_king

    tModLoader lichs mod halloween boss choosing

    cancelled due to thinking of good idea hello welcome to the my very first choosing so here what goes on you see the poll you can pick out of those 4 and when it has been a week i will see which boss is chosen the most and add it in my mod. so have a fun time choosing
  16. lich_king

    tModLoader npc id problem

    hello, I am having problems with putting npc ids into aistyle and aitype. I have looked them up and they don't work also tried looking at the number they bring up when you hover over the id but it still doesn't work. also one last thing I was trying to use the ai of the cursed hammer.
  17. lich_king

    tModLoader new tmodloader error need help

    hello, I am having problems with my mod on the new version. it is showing this error every time I build it: also I did not change anything when updating tmodloader to v1.3.5.2 except for a boss I was working on
  18. lich_king

    tModLoader new tmodloader problem with modding

    hello. I am having trouble with the new tmodloader. when ever I build my mod it says: [12:56:52] [32/WARN] [tML]: Silently Caught Exception: System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid. at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Stream stream) at Terraria.ModLoader.IO.ImageIO.ToRaw(Stream src...
  19. lich_king

    tModLoader copyright question

    hello, I have one question and it is do I still have to have permission to kind of copy a boss from a very old mod like Avalon.
  20. lich_king

    need help deciding pixel art software and question

    hello, I am a making a mod and I am the only one working on it and I want to know if piskel is a good drawing software. also how do I put images that are from my folders. in forums.
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