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  1. MunkeyChumbles

    PC Hosting a game over steam, found server error.

    So my friends and I have been playing on a world for the past month and a half and recently while I try to host the server it gives me "Found Server" and never opens the server, https://gyazo.com/ba8c75a7ccd51d628011244f7ae1b2f3 I have no idea why this would happen, nothing changed...
  2. MunkeyChumbles

    My multiplayer world broke? I'd like some help here :)

    Ok, so me and 2 of my friends started a world the day 1.3 released, so today (July 28, 2015) my friends were on. I decided to start up the world and.. it broke, completely. Ok, so first off, I chose host & play, clicked on my char. Clicked on the world, and immediately, the background changed...
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