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  1. ThatKidBobo

    How to get waterbolt pre skelyboi in 1.4

    The reason of the book on the shelf being blue is Water Bolt being actually blue in pre release versions
  2. ThatKidBobo

    PC Half-Life Texture Pack

    How can I help with this project, I really like it!!!!!!
  3. ThatKidBobo

    Toxijuice's Dark Inventory Slots (UI)

    Bro this is so cool this inspired me make my own texture pack for the health bars similar to this, like this is one of the best ones out there
  4. ThatKidBobo

    Eye Of Chuthulhu Vs Terrarian

    It was fun to make.
  5. ThatKidBobo

    Texture Pack Edgy HUD Pack

    Hey Zach! The weird clipping issue is fixed, idk how I didn't notice that, it was so clear. Anyways the issue is fixed, I think it looks nice now, and if you like it, now you can use it!
  6. ThatKidBobo

    Texture Pack Edgy HUD Pack

    !NOW RELEASED ON STEAM WORKSHOP! WORKSHOP LINK I really like the color red and black, I usually combine them together. If you're like me I really suggest using this texture pack! I present you, The Edgy Hud Pack. Basically what this pack does is to alter some stuff about the in-game Hud, make...
  7. ThatKidBobo

    PC Crash Corrupts Files

    One day I was continuing my summoner playthrough and my pc recently crashed, when i entered the corruption after a little while my PC crashed. Now I opened the game to play again and I noticed my character was set to the deafult character(colors, style and hair), also it had no name. I tried to...
  8. ThatKidBobo

    Darker Grass

    Can anybody talented make the overworld grass darker ? If I knew how to edit tiles I could have done it myself, maybe a little help about that?
  9. ThatKidBobo

    PC Steam Profiles Issue

    Looks like that's the only thing I can do to prevent this from happening.( It might be annoying after a while though.)
  10. ThatKidBobo

    PC Steam Profiles Issue

    How can you open two Terraria clients running on different Steam accounts in the same computer? The profiles may be different but the Terraria root folder will always be in the same location. So Steam uses its cloud to equalize the progress of the account so when I open another Steam account on...
  11. ThatKidBobo

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    I saw these guys in a windy day. I think they look really cute.
  12. ThatKidBobo

    PC WTB Shark Tooth Necklace

    Well I actually have one and I use it as vanity, I can give you that one if you want. If you'll trade with money it costs something like 2 Gold coins.
  13. ThatKidBobo

    Destroyer Pixel Art

    I drew the Destroyer, my nightmare.
  14. ThatKidBobo

    **REPORTED** Please Launch The Game From Your Steam Client

    Well I have the Steam version of Terraria for something like 4 years now. And it started to happen in the 2nd or 3rd year, so I think it has nothing to do with Steams connection issues. Like I said at the top I almost tried everything I can to fix this and the only solution is to reboot the...
  15. ThatKidBobo

    **REPORTED** Please Launch The Game From Your Steam Client

    I realized that it has nothing to do with the internet connection, but I think Steam's laucher might be causing it. But I am not sure. I can't recreate it because it happens randomly.
  16. ThatKidBobo

    **REPORTED** Clipping Through Blocks

    It happened to me in singleplayer too, but thanks for the help.
  17. ThatKidBobo

    **REPORTED** Please Launch The Game From Your Steam Client

    Even though I launch every Steam game from the client Terraria sometimes says this and never opens untill I reboot the PC. Is there any way I can fix this?
  18. ThatKidBobo

    **REPORTED** Clipping Through Blocks

    Since the beautiful 1.4 update came some mobs randomly started to clip through blocks. The first time I saw this, was me and my friends playing together. At first I thought it was my friends bad internet connection, but the same things happened to me in single player too. I was playing on expert...
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