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    PC New world playthrough

    I'll play but I don't have Skype. Steam name is HeyBudBud.
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    PC What would you like to have in 1.3?

    Of these, the two I really like are the seasons and the idea of mountains, specifically of a Mountain biome. I think that would be really cool. New rocky textures, mountain goat enemies, perhaps a boss? Man, honestly, the more I think about it the more I think that would be awesome.
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    Hardest/Rarest Accessory

    Lol? The knockback prevention alone is worth having in an event, and not too shabby for a boss fight either, though not quite as useful. Add in the defense, especially with a modifier like Armored or Warding, and the status preventions, and I call shenanigans on you good sir.
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    What is the one thing you want to get removed in terraria, if you could remove it?

    See, I wanted a Titan Glove and I got over 10 Cross Necklaces. Those mimics just aren't very cooperative.
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