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  1. Minishark

    tModLoader Want tmodloader 1.4 but no discord

    So, I want to use 1.4 tmodloader to have cool zenith and murder 3124513 empress of light until my PC explodes, but I came to the realization that I need discord for the alpha test code, and I don't have discord cause of personal reasons. -_-
  2. Minishark

    Hoik won't work

    So I tried to do a hoik for expert mode to fight EoC easily, but for some reason it just wont move me to the left to do the loop, here is an image
  3. Minishark

    PC Is using TEDIT after losing ALL my good items cheating in expert mode (Can't get them back)

    So, I played multiplayer expert mode, and died in jungle, also my mate losed his items, and we need them back since going to the jungle again isn't a good idea cause of mobs and stuff, so tell me if it's cheating or should we start new world:sigh: EDIT: NVM we'll start new world since using...
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