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  1. JoelCrafter43

    Working as Designed Enemies dropping double coins

    So on the wiki it says that a rock golem is only supposed to drop about 12 gold coins in both expert and master mode, but I'm playing on master mode and they frequently drop 25 gold! I'm not sure if this is a new 1.4 feature where enemies will randomly drop double gold or if it's something...
  2. JoelCrafter43

    Do hellfire arrows give I-frames?

    I've been wondering for a while if hellfire arrows are worth it or not because some people say they give I-frames but the wiki doesn't mention this so I'm left confused.
  3. JoelCrafter43

    60% Bestiary Trouble

    I'm trying desperately to reach 60% bestiary in order to get the digging molecart for horizontal crimson/hallow prevention tunnels but I'm having the hardest time, one thing I'm especially having a hard time with is gem bunnies I keep having normal bunnies spawn in their place despite having a...
  4. JoelCrafter43

    **REPORTED** NPCs won't get max happiness

    After 1.4.1 suddenly I can't get any of my NPCs to max happiness even with the crowded changes I put them next to a liked and a loved NPC in a liked biome and they won't go to max happiness I don't know what's going on! And I can't find anything on the wiki because the update is seemingly to...
  5. JoelCrafter43

    Chest Name Limit

    I've been working on a storage system recently and I've been extremely infuriated because I have a sorting system where I sort into alphabetical categories with sub categories in them so I'm trying to make a "Building 7(Furniture)" chest and the character limit is just short of allowing me to do...
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