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  1. Nakano15

    tModLoader Custom sound setting on mod config

    I'm wondering this has quite some time: Is it possible to add a config option for allowing the player to pick a custom sound? I would certainly have some use for that, but first I need to know if is possible, and how It's done.
  2. Nakano15

    PC Sideways Sofas, Benches and Throne

    Yes, I know Terraria development has ended, but It's quite sad seeing that those furnitures faces the screen, while the characters faces sideways. Interacting with them is also quite bizarre due to that. I'm just leaving the idea here, in case someone feels like accepting the challenge.
  3. Nakano15

    PC The Bosses are smaller on Celebration Seed, but their hitbox isn't.

    I just had that issue while playing. I was playing the Terraria Birthday seed, when Eye of Cthulhu spawned, and his atacks were hitting my char even without the sprite touching my char. It seems like their Hitbox isn't adjusted based on the size change, and possibly affects other bosses too...
  4. Nakano15

    tModLoader Script with Name IDs of Item Tooltips, Interface Layer and World Generation Steps

    I made this script to aid when getting NameIDs of Item Tooltips, Interface Layers and World Generation Steps on tModLoader. It brings 3 classes with a bunch of constants in them, with NameIDs used by what they are needed for. I was really annoyed with the fact that would need to search the...
  5. Nakano15

    PC Platforms making npcs live on the house bellow theirs bug.

    I found this bug a while ago, and were having fun triggering It. I'll even need screenshots to explain this. I'm used to give a space of 1 tile between the Chair and the Table, to make the characters less cramped. But for some reason, I decided to place a platform on the floor in between them...
  6. Nakano15

    Effect idea for when Hallow/Corruption/Crimson is more present in the world.

    Sorry for the horrible title, but I didn't hard an idea of what to place in It to describe this. Gladly the text bellow will explain the idea. I had this idea while reading the Dryad wiki page, on the part of the messages about the current world status. There could be a kind of side effect on...
  7. Nakano15

    Craftable Bug Net

    It's actually a minor annoyance having to wait for the Merchant to appear, just so I can get the Bug Net, and then be able to go fishing. My idea would be making It craftable, by needing like... 8 Cobwebs and 6 Wood of any kind.
  8. Nakano15

    Avatar gif animation is cut outside of preview.

    A while ago, I tried changing my avatar to a walking version of the character in my avatar currently. To my surprise, the gif played correctly on the preview, but on my character avatar both on the profile setting page and near my nickname on the top-right of the screen, my character avatar...
  9. Nakano15

    PC Baby Finch and their ability of getting suck everywhere when chasing something.

    The Baby Finch summon has the weird behavior of getting stuck into the environment when chasing their target, that issue generally happens when It's quite far away from the monster they are going to attack. It seems like when baby finch is far from their target, or on a certain angle, It's...
  10. Nakano15

    **REPORTED** Critters launches like a rocket when jumping while underwater.

    I saw a few days ago a bug where a person reported that Scorpions were jumping really high when underwater, and I just discovered in my playthrough that It's not only them. Penguins and Bunnies who tries to jump while underwater, also gets an absurdly high vertical speed boost. If they manage to...
  11. Nakano15

    New achievements having their icons broken.

    I've noticed this problem ever since I begun playing this update, and got a jumpscare from the finding a fairy achievement triggering. The icons for the new achievements are broken in-game, they simply doesn't shows anywhere, be It the alert that shows on the bottom of the screen, or the...
  12. Nakano15

    Resolved Out of Memory exception

    I'm not sure if you guys could help ease this problem, but since the update, I've got 3 out of memory crashes to desktop. The first 2 times It crashed, the problem was so dire that even a crash log couldn't be written, neither a window showing the crash report appeared. The third time It showed...
  13. Nakano15

    **REPORTED** Moon Charm + Spectre Glass = Werehuman

    Hahaha, 5 minutes after I entered the game, and I already found out this bug. I found out that my multiplayer character was using some glasses instead of the butcher mask, but that's intended for the update, because my character had Spectre Glasses on his accessory slot (beside It's weird to...
  14. Nakano15

    PC Falling crumbling dungeon blocks can break furnitures.

    I was playing today trying to grind the dungeon for goodie bags, until I noticed that there were a vase as item on the floor. I was wondering why would the vase be broken, until I got the theory that It's because one of those crumbling dungeon blocks fell on It. I was right. Making a crumbling...
  15. Nakano15

    tModLoader TerraClasses mod, but I need your help.

    Latest Version: (10/15/2021) Hey there guys, this mod is like a implementation of the N Terraria class system for tModLoader. The reason why I asked for your help, is because I don't really have ideas of what to do with the mod systems, so I will need helps with ideas for the mod. I'm...
  16. Nakano15

    Trouble when trying to get the type of a modded item

    This trouble actually is old, I know It for quite some time, ever since I was trying to add a modded giant hammer to a companion of mine as starter item, but It never appeared in their inventory. The background here is different, I'm implementing a system where some of the companions have their...
  17. Nakano15

    Waterfall problems

    I found two problems with waterfalls when building a house in the ocean. The first case may be a bug, while the second, I dunno. So... Stairs can block the movement of the waterfalls if they are in the way. And water placed above slopped blocks doesn't produces waterfalls.
  18. Nakano15

    tModLoader tModLoader, GitHub integration, a confusion...

    I should have asked this months ago, but I always get busy with my mod and projects, so I never actually managed to ask. Beside, due to the question Itself, you may end up asking yourself how I managed to get that idea on my head, but It's better to ask before I may end up doing a mistake. How...
  19. Nakano15

    **REPORTED** Silly Sand duplication using Rolling Cactus

    I dunno how nobody didn't noticed this, but probably because of how specific that is. I found out that if you drop Sand on a Rolling Cactus, not only will It spawn a Sand item when It hits the rolling cactus, but the sand will still continue falling, creating a Sand Block when It hits some...
  20. Nakano15

    tModLoader Npcs ID changing during mod loading

    If you make the modloader get the ID of an npc from your mod during It's Load() method with ModContent.NPCType, the ID may end up changing to another Npc ID, be It from the mod, or from another mod you have installed. I don't remember someone reporting this issue before, but only before...
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