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  1. Desucrate

    Quotes Re;Birth1

    QUOTES 2016 HYPE "I'm going to make people suffer" -Ajidot 2015 "Me gonna kill uuuuu" -Ajidot 2015 "Criddle is the best" -Pixel 2015 "Agent is ugly" -Ajidot 2015 "I have a spying drone in your room right now" -Ajidot 2015 "I do enjoy calling out little kids" -TheQuietBisharp 2015 "who needs...
  2. Desucrate

    PC -WIP- Medusa and the Hoplite: Stayin' Alive While Fighting These 1.3 Enemies

    -Warning: almost all/all information in this guide was found in Expert Mode. Take information about AI, damage, defense, and possibly drops marked with a expertmodeinfo with a grain of salt if you're playing normal mode- -Warning: until further information is received, this thread *may* be...
  3. Desucrate

    The Ship Giveaway! Rules Below!

    I'm giving away a copy of The Ship! Anybody can enter, but one will win a_a There are only 20 slots to get into. A bit like @Suweeka's S.A.L.T.I.E.R., contestants will reply with the number they want, between 1 and 40. ~RULES~ You must be willing to play The Ship, and write that you are...
  4. Desucrate

    WIP Mysterious Red Ball

    You know how Nintendo doesn't like Re-Logic much? Let's tick 'em off even more! Introducing.. The Pokeball! Mysterious Red Ball! This item is a consumable throwable that can be used to capture critters. They travel about 2/3 the speed of a Shuriken. If you hit a critter, the Pokeball...
  5. Desucrate

    Other Art agent's Avatars

    I've started making avatars for people on the forum! As I want to spread the joy all 'round, I'm taking requests for avatars! Here are my restrictions: No NSFW (obviously), crowds, or vehicles Please describe what you want, your pose, and items the character is holding (they don't have to hold...
  6. Desucrate

    Other Art agent's Art

    Oh god, an art thread.
  7. Desucrate


    Hello again! I haven't made a suggestion in who-knows-how-long, so I've decided to make one! Let's get started. This is, obviously, a Dalek. It's from Doctor Who. The Dalek is a rare hardmode enemy, like the Rune Wizard. It does enemy things. Stats: 3200 HP. Daleks are hard to kill! 37...
  8. Desucrate

    Story My Little WIP Story, subject to MANY Changes.

    A little story I've been working on. After much thought I've decided to put it hear to get your opinions. This is a heavy work in progress and WILL be updated in the future (probably). NOTE: AS THIS IS A WIP I HAVE NOT INCLUDED THE TITLE OF THE STORY. ANOTHER NOTE: AS THIS IS LITERATURE...
  9. Desucrate

    TCF Suggestion Blacklisting Certain Threads From Appearing on the Front Page.

    Now, I'm sick (and dying) of seeing mods on the front page. Really sick. I don't care about the "Thorium Mod" or "tAPI" (just examples, I haven't read either of these threads and mean no offense to the creators). I then thought of being able to blacklist certain words so that threads with those...
  10. Desucrate

    Youtube Copypastas, a Legacy of Poo

    Now, I know what most of you are wondering: "What's a copypasta?" I'd be happy to answer. A copypasta is something that someone copy/pastes, just to get attention. An example of this would be Bob. You know, this guy: ☻/ /▌ /\ Can't stand his ugly mug. Recently there's been a large influx of...
  11. Desucrate

    Most embarrassing moment on TCF

    As the title says, post your most embarrassing moment you've had on TCF! The only rule is to only post your own moments, posting other people's would not go down well. Mine would probably be whenever I go onto someone's profile and say something that they wouldn't get and realize that they...
  12. Desucrate

    Avatar file size

    Now I bet a few of us had had the problem where you have a beautiful avatar, like this one: or this: but it's just too big (heh heh). Now I don't know how the files are stored, but I think that the file size of avatars should be ramped up to 2 MB. Now again, I have NO clue what I'm talking...
  13. Desucrate

    PC Play Music From Your Computer! - Radio

    Hello Terrarians! Today I'm bringing you cat food a brand new technology, never before seen! The Radio!! (Dun dun dunn) This wonderful instrument of love will play music from your computer, as long as you have the music in the "music" folder, which will be in the game's files. (Only if it gets...
  14. Desucrate

    Cross-Platform Post your worst luck in any game!

    As the title commands, post whatever bad luck you had in any game! My worst luck is probably from The Escapists when I got caught digging a tunnel. No evidence, just caught.
  15. Desucrate

    Humorous ISP Speculation.

    Now, we all have wondered sometime in our time on TO, what does ISP mean? Now that Loki is no longer Loki ISP, let us remember ISP. CONSPIRACY THEORIES HO! I simply believe ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. And that Loki is the secret CEO of Xfinity.
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