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  1. rotyler

    PC Combat Wrench 'pulling' enemies

    The Combat Wrench seems to have a nasty habit of pulling enemies towards you, which I believe to be caused by it's multi-hit functionally. The first hit will stop the enemy and make the boomerang begin returning, then the second hit deals knockback that pulls the enemy towards you, probably...
  2. rotyler

    Boss Health Bar Tweak

    I was a little annoyed with the ambiguity of the new health bars, so I vandalized added some marks to the bar to help me figure out boss health percentage faster: Figured I'd share this on the forums in case anyone else needed/wanted this. download on mega or here on the forums.
  3. rotyler

    **REPORTED** Titanium Armor (ranged variant) unlisted stat

    I just noticed that while wearing full titanium armor, you have a chance not to consume ammo. I have no ammo conserving buffs or accessories, and it only happens when wearing the full set with the ranged helmet. This isn't listed anywhere on the set bonus, so perhaps someone forgot to write it...
  4. rotyler

    Working as Designed Whips can hit certain types of enemies in walls

    Seems like whips have the ability to hit some enemies in walls. Every time I've seen this, it's been with an enemy that can go through walls to begin with, so it's probably a combination of the whip and the enemy AI. So far I have seen this occur with: Cursed Skulls Wraiths Floaty Gross (video...
  5. rotyler

    PC What Keybindings do you use?

    I was talking with my friends earlier today, and all of them use the default keybindings. I find this very strange, as (in my opinion) a lot of the default keybindings aren't easily reachable without moving your hand quite a bit. So, The custom bindings I have used for the past 6-7 years are as...
  6. rotyler

    **REPORTED** Interface Settings Resetting with every hotfix update

    every hotfix released so far (.2 .3 & .4) resets my interface settings back to the defaults, but not the other settings. And it's not just me, either. My friends in our multiplayer run had the same issue. (should be noted, we all use windows) I'm no expert on how the updates work, but are you...
  7. rotyler

    **REPORTED** Tavernkeep Pylon Blocks Flameburst Staff

    I've got my tavernkeep living in the hallow, with the nurse and a dog. He is happy enough to sell the hallow pylon, but as his inventory (post golem) is normally full anyway, the pylon overrides the slot where the flameburst staff would go. Picture: Version:
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