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  1. Eclipsic

    Cast Your Vote!

    I really couldn't help but plant my face on my desk at the overall results. Okay, I can handle Terraria losing, even if it's to a (cringes) first person shooter and Skyrim, which, while I love, has it's success measured by it's modding scene. The rest of the awards however had me grumbling...
  2. Eclipsic

    All the New Stuff in New 1.3 Trailer

    Come to think of it, I think I saw a suggestion thread for an alternate hell, Tartarus, that might just be it. Also, I'm glad to see NPCs have additional functionality, being able to pitch in with your battles? That went above my expectations, thank you Relogic.
  3. Eclipsic

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Bling bling cannon- use 100 platinum worth of ammo for the coin gun Darrell's biggest fan- acquire The Axe from Plantera Elevator going down...- Fall directly from the surface to the underworld in a single fall. Destroyer of armies- defeat the goblin and pirate invasions solo and without dying...
  4. Eclipsic


    If they were made of meat, had eyes, a carnivorous worm mouth and a bunch of protrusions on it's sides that made it look like it was spraying blood, yes. It looks like a fat meaty graham cracker.
  5. Eclipsic


    Cracker of flesh?
  6. Eclipsic

    Post-Mech Cross-Class Armors - Blazing and Toxic Frost armor couterparts

    Why would it? It doesn't affect melee strikes and late game projectiles already have a glow.
  7. Eclipsic

    Weird Video-Game Quotes

    "A winner is you" -Pro Wrestling (NES)
  8. Eclipsic

    is it wrong to use peoples vanity?

    My vanity is vampire body and legs slots with red and black dye and a familiar wig, So very... very... original. People probably WILL throw rocks at your house if you look precisely like Ymir though, the internet is like that ;p.
  9. Eclipsic


    Creature stage, creature stage. You can somewhat alleviate having a weak creation if you go for aesthetics by 'hiding' a high level part inside of the creature, covering the lump with another part, but that won't do anything for limbs, or flying, if you want strong flight you're stuck with the...
  10. Eclipsic

    Just got a Light Shroomite Digging Claw

    I like it best for strip mining, I can mine three blocks across all the way down to hell with it. Although it might get four blocks clean across with an Extendo Grip...
  11. Eclipsic

    WIP Castlevania in Terraria

    I've been in the construction of a Castlevania themed castle myself. Not a recreation of an ingame setting mind you, it's impossible to do any of the metroidvanias and still be in the surface layer for that, but I think it's awesome that you're recreating the NES original.
  12. Eclipsic

    How did you obtain your first keymold?

    I was digging under the ice biome to find what the boundaries were between the crimson and the hallow because I was early into hardmode. Got a hallowed keymold. Raaaaaaainboooooooooooows.
  13. Eclipsic

    Do you anthropomorphize the friendly npcs in Terraria?

    While Terraria's NPCs are by no means endearing or interesting characters, I do try to keep them relatively safe and... happy, for the roleplay perspective (not the Fisherman though, I always keep him in an actuated room with lava underneath ;p). But what do I think of them? I think of them...
  14. Eclipsic

    what game is your stress-reliever?

    I Wanna Be the Guy/Boshy. Yes, I know they're rage games, but I never take them seriously enough to raaaage.
  15. Eclipsic

    How do you explain Terraria to other people?

    Saying this game is at all like minecraft is known to start an internet flamewar ;p. I just call it a 2D builder among people who don't understand gaming at all. It's far less complicated that way. Mixed in with a bit of combat, exploration, and packratting. ...what? I love making elaborate...
  16. Eclipsic

    Choosing Character Classes at Character Creation

    Pass. We were meant to only start off with the bare essentials. Axe, pick, and short stabby weapon. You can select your 'profession' whenever you obtain the gear, otherwise, your class is pioneer.
  17. Eclipsic

    Mimic Improvement - Making them better at mimicry

    As much as I doubt that I will be fooled even if this is implemented... I do want them to make an effort to do so. Support.
  18. Eclipsic

    What is your most Favorite Thing to Do in Terraria?

    I plan out a massive project for a ridiculously large base which winds up with me taking hundreds of hours and still not completing it. Either through procrastination or attempting to use Titanium bricks, or both.
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