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    The doomerang (bad pun yes i know)

    This is crazy but boomerang line from early to lategame. Hear me out Wooden boomerang, normal royal rang, 5 silk, 5 gold/plat, wooden boomerang, 20 damage, medium speed, weak knockback Split! Ice boomerang it flame a rang, same as normal Frost fling, 40 damage, slow speed, cause frostburn on...
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    tModLoader server

    anyone wanna do a messing around with tremor. thorium, imksushi, imksushi potions, calamity, cheatsheet/heros mod (tell me which) and pillar items plus. I have been sponsored by imk ! Lol
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    PC The Rain-throw

    okay, @Baconfry I don't want to steal your idea, so tell me if you did this. Ok, onto the idea. I am going to suggest a mid-hardmode set of weapons. I don't have Any sprites so just imagine. The rainbowl is a layered rainbow ball with red in the middle and purple on the outside and the chain is...
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    tModLoader King slime additions

    I dont even know how to make a mod, this is just an idea so i would like help, but here we go Biome king slimes Desert = sandy Hell = burning Jungle = poison Cavern = mossy Ocean = watery Dungeon = shining Underground = dirty New boss = all gels including pink = god slime New npc...
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