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  1. azurephantom100

    Adventure help with wiring in a build for my adventure map

    i need help with a large amount of wiring for a lighting effect with gemspark blocks in a giant octopus shaped dungeon i'm working on. i don't do a lot of wiring in terraria so it may not be the best set up with what i have done. anyways here is a few screen shots of the build (the screen shots...
  2. azurephantom100

    PC help with finding a lag friendly engine

    if there a post about this can you link other wise i need a engine that can create 450 ticks per minute. i used a ghost dummy engine with two flip flop logic gates (pic shown) to cut the base engine output down to the right speed, but i will be using this in a cascade lighting effect with a...
  3. azurephantom100

    underwater dungeon puzzle help please

    i want to make a water dungeon with puzzles centered around draining water and pumping it to other rooms to progress like most of the hated water dungeons lol i want to use pumps and liquid sensors and you need to pump water to certain heights to open rooms and a full dungeon puzzle that uses...
  4. azurephantom100

    help with making a huge adventure map

    hello i'm making an adventure map that helps make all the current soul items for Fargo's mod but can still be played vanilla. as the soul items are crafted at the end or at certain points (or even skipped over via a wired trigger if the player wishes to do so) and will even support single class...
  5. azurephantom100

    im fairly new to wiring help on an idea please

    hi I wanted to make custom NPC dialogue that uses the announcement boxes that loops/says something different each time and well I got as far as getting a loop that uses dart traps, teal pressure pad and, actuated blocks I got them to work in a loop that can be duplicated (I have up to 6 boxes...
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