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  1. Lytatroan

    Music Pack The DOOM Music mod is finally released!

    After a day or 2 of batch converting mp3 files and editing them in Audacity, I present you, the DOOM Music mod! What does it do? This mod replaces a good amount (At least 30) songs with them coming from DOOM 1993, DOOM 2: Hell on Earth, DOOM 64, DOOM 2016, and DOOM Eternal! Over time there...
  2. Lytatroan

    How should I make 1.4.2 music packs?

    With the release of 1.4.2 adding Steam Workshop support, I was wondering how I can make a music pack for it. I'm planning on making a Doom music pack replacing the in game music with tracks from the classic 1993/1994 games and some tracks from 2016/Eternal. Is it as easy as dragging and dropping...
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