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  1. CongratsIsTrash

    **REPORTED** Game does not autopause when in the Achievement menu

    Exactly as the title says. When in a world, the game will not autopause when in the achievements menu, unlike all other setting menus.
  2. CongratsIsTrash

    Golem music doesn't play if Cultists are aggro'd but no Devotees are alive

    Minor one, but pretty simple to reproduce. Just aggro the Cultists, then kill the Lunatic Devotees, without spawning Lunatic Cultist. The Golem music will stop playing, reverting back to the normal music that plays in wherever you are.
  3. CongratsIsTrash

    Chum Bucket main gore doesn't disappear when thrown on land

    Basically, I decided to throw around Chum Buckets on land to see what would happen, and it turns out this happens: the chum literally never disappears. I let the game sit for 10 minutes, and nothing happened at all. I tried teleporting away, still there when I came back. I had to reload the...
  4. CongratsIsTrash

    **REPORTED** Typo in Brain of Cthulhu achievement

    In the description of "Mastermind", the Brain of Cthulhu achievement, it says "Cthuhlu" instead of "Cthulhu." That is all.
  5. CongratsIsTrash

    Scrolling on the duplication menu

    This may have been posted already, but I didn't see it in all of the posts that start with "Journey," so here it is. Basically, if you scroll on the Journey Mode duplication menu, and then close out of the powers menu, it will scroll on the crafting menu the same as what you scrolled on the...
  6. CongratsIsTrash

    Golfer happiness quotes

    So, I was moving around NPCs for getting quotes for the wiki, when I noticed that the Golfer was displaying his quote about liking the Painter before his quote about loving the Angler. I tested this with a few other NPCs, none of them did this. The Golfer didn't even do it when I tried taking a...
  7. CongratsIsTrash

    **REPORTED** Problem with spawning Biome Mimics

    Seems minor, but if you put a Key of Light/Night in a chest and then open a different chest or personal storage without closing the first chest, it won't spawn a Biome Mimic. If you then close the second chest, still no Biome Mimic will spawn, which allows you to just put a Key of Light/Night in...
  8. CongratsIsTrash

    Typo in Zoologist quote

    No biggie, just an extra comma.
  9. CongratsIsTrash

    Working as Designed NPCs talk to you when sleeping

    Very minor bug, but hey, I'm practically the king of minor bugs, so here's a picture! And before you ask, the Zoologist is too far away to be having a conversation with the Guide.
  10. CongratsIsTrash

    EoL loses summon targeting when she does the dash attack

    I was just fighting Empress of Light with my summoner, and first of all, let me say that it's hard to see the summon target icon on EoL. But secondly, I noticed that every time she did her dash attack, the summon targeting was lost. Does she turn invincible while she does the dash attack...
  11. CongratsIsTrash

    Space enemies spawn during invasions

    So, I'm pretty sure that invasion events (Goblin Army, Pirate Invasion, Pumpkin and Frost Moons) should be overriding all spawns when on the surface, but for some reason, space enemies can still spawn during one of these invasions, which seems pretty off. Who knows, but it's definitely annoying...
  12. CongratsIsTrash

    More boss minimap icons not rotating properly

    Another follow-up post, this one to my post about Plantera not rotating properly on the minimap. Today, I noticed that Skeletron's minimap icon doesn't spin when Skeletron is spinning, which I remember happening pre-1.4. I decided to test this with Skeletron Prime too, and sure enough, his...
  13. CongratsIsTrash

    **REPORTED** Crimson Torches appear too low on the side of blocks

    This is a follow-up to my previous post about Hallowed Torches being too low. I did a bit more testing, and it turns out Crimson Torches are too low as well. Maybe it the larger sprites forcing it too low?
  14. CongratsIsTrash

    Jetpack flight sound effect stops when you stop moving upwards instead of when you stop flying

    I'm honestly not a big fan of Jetpack's flight noise, but there's a bug with it where when flying, the flight sound effect doesn't stop playing until you stop moving upwards and start falling. With other wings, the sound effect stops when you stop holding the button that makes you fly. This bug...
  15. CongratsIsTrash

    Startup title music loops again if you're still on the black loading screen when it loops

    So, I loaded up Terraria, and it took so long to load my stuff, that the title music looped again while I was on the black loading screen with the sunflower. But, the weird thing is that instead of playing the normal loop with the cymbal at the start, it played the startup loop again (the one...
  16. CongratsIsTrash

    Opening a door with Smart Door and getting knocked back keeps the door open

    This might be easier to explain with pictures. Say you have a door like this: Then you open the door like this with Smart Door: Then an enemy from this direction comes and knocks you backwards out of the door: The door ends up staying open like this: I would expect the door to...
  17. CongratsIsTrash

    Chest Statue doesn't spawn Ice Mimics in Underground Snow

    This is So today, while I was using mob statues, I realized that Chest Statues could spawn Wooden Mimics when on the surface, Gold Mimics when underground, and Shadow Mimics when in the Underworld. Naturally, I tried also spawning Ice Mimics in the Underground Snow, but this didn't...
  18. CongratsIsTrash

    **REPORTED** Town pets sitting in chairs have their speech bubbles in the wrong position

    Saw it on a town cat, when it's sitting in a chair, its speech bubble is still in the normal position.
  19. CongratsIsTrash

    **REPORTED** Typo in Etherian Goblin's bestiary description

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks like a tiny typo, it says "they are not related Terrarian goblins" instead of "they are not related to Terrarian goblins."
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