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  1. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Texture Pack Clockwork Mechs

    Thought it'd be cool if the mechs were Clockwork Machinations. So I made that a thing. Get it on the Steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2439880423 or here's the download link. Just stick the main folder (Clockwork Mechs) into your Resource Packs folder...
  2. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Drawings & Paintings Derpo's Magnificent Artwork

    Hello all! Derpo here, today I'm making an art thread! Because why the hell not! I don't have much at the moment, but I'll be adding to this slowly over time. I am not currently taking requests, I may in the future, but it won't be for a while. Thumbnail art of a couple of Dark Souls...
  3. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Buffing Expert Bosses The Right Way

    Hello all, Derpo here with another suggestion. It's certainly been a while hasn't it? I have a problem with expert mode. When it was announced, it was said that all the bosses would have new attacks as well as buffed stats, this blew my mind, I couldn't wait to see all the crazy new crap the...
  4. DerpoTheMagnificent

    [Sprites] Dirt Rod Upgrade

    Hello all, Derpo here, it's certainly been a while. Anyway, I'm here to present the upgrade that no one needed or thought of. I present to you, the upgraded Dirt Rod The Phys Rod (name subject to change) x1 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 This item functions just like the dirt rod, except instead of...
  5. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Wavebank A Magnificent Soundtrack

    Hello all, Derpo here. I've decided to share my custom wavebank with the world. Before you download it, you'll probably want to know what it consists of. Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9xcnweedy2x0mm/Wave%20Bank.xwb?dl=0 [/spoiler] Download Link...
  6. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Expert Destroyer Nerf

    Alright, I know what you're probably thinking. "The Destroyer doesn't need to be nerfed in expert, it's supposed to be hard, you just have to git gud!" But here's the thing, first off, I want to say that I don't want the entire Destroyer to be nerfed, just his head. I've attempted to look up on...
  7. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Terraria Poster

    So we've all seen this poster (or at least, I hope we've all seen it). I propose that this be added to the game. In the form of a painting. Sold by the Painter for 10 gold. That's it. Nuthin' else to say. (Yes I made that sprite)
  8. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Story A Magnificent Origin Story

    Hello all you magnificent people, Derpo here. I've decided to try my hand at writing, the only other fictional "writing" I ever did was for a screenshot LP back on TO. It was mediocre at best, hopefully I've improved since then. This will be an origin story. An origin story for two of my OCs...
  9. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Show Us Your Avatars!

    Title says it all, show us all the avatars you've ever used in no particular order. Please put them in a spoiler, as I know a lot of you have used hundreds of different avatars... Anyway, I'll start.
  10. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Making Shortswords Useful

    Hello all, Derpo here with another suggestion. This one is about shortswords, and how to make them useful. I'm sure you're just about to make a comment telling me that this has already been done fifty-four-thousand times. And then you'll provide a link taking me to SZGamer's amazing shortsword...
  11. DerpoTheMagnificent

    [Many Sprites] Calvin And Hobbes

    Hello all! Derpo here with another "suggestion". I say "suggestion" because I already know that this cannot be put in the game. The reason for this, for those of you who don't know, is that Bill Waterson (the author of Calvin and Hobbes) has been in "hiding" for a very long time, and no one...
  12. DerpoTheMagnificent

    [Sprites] Magma Tier

    Hello all you magnificent Terrarians! DerpoTheMagnificent here with another suggestion. This one is my take on a jack-of-all-trades type armor, with some awesome weapons to go with it. I present to you... Now, to start off, all of these things are made with Magmonium This is crafted with x2...
  13. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Ask a Mudkip

    Molos here. If you've ever wanted to ask me (IRL me) or Molos (online me/mudkip me) a question, now you can! And if you've never wanted to ask me a question, then maybe you do now! And if you still don't want to ask me a question, then why are you here! So go ahead, ask away! MOST FREQUENTLY...
  14. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Molos Elethros' Q and A

    Hello all you magnificent Terrarians! Molos here with another off-topic thread. This one is, as the title suggests, a Q and A! If you've ever wanted to ask me (IRL me) or Molos (online me/mudkip me) a question, now you can! And if you've never wanted to ask me a question, then maybe you do now...
  15. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Casual Lame Claim to Fame!

    Hello all! Molos Elethros here with an off-topic thread, this one is about Lame Claims to Fame! Now, what is a lame claim to fame you may ask. A lame claim to fame (at least in my terms) is when you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows someone famous. It doesn't have to be 3...
  16. DerpoTheMagnificent

    My strange theory about Terraria

    My theory on Terraria. It's all a bizarre mind-scape. Let me elaborate. You, the player are dreaming, you have fallen asleep at some point, and terraria is just a strange dream. But the dream is not constructed by your own mind. It is constructed by the corruption, which is an evil force that...
  17. DerpoTheMagnificent

    New Flaming Debuff Mechanic

    Hello all, Molos here with a very small suggestion. I think all flaming debuffs (On Fire!, Cursed Inferno, and Frostburn) should spread between mobs. Let me explain. If a mob is on fire, and it runs into another mob, the fire should spread to the mob it ran into. This would mean that you could...
  18. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Other Art Molos' Magnaflorious Artwork

    Hello all you magnificent Terrarians! Molos Elethros here with another thread. This time, it's an art thread! Now you may be thinking, "Wait, I thought you already had an art thread?" Well you're right and wrong, I have pixel art thread, this thread will feature all the art I make that isn't...
  19. DerpoTheMagnificent

    Fix the music box recording

    Molos here with a very quick suggestion: TAKE AWAY THE GOSH DARN RANDOM RECORDING TIMES ON THE MUSIC BOXES!!! Seriously, I waited 2 in-game days trying to record a song, and I still didn't get it. The random wait time is completely unnecessary, and adds nothing to the game. Please Red...for the...
  20. DerpoTheMagnificent

    [updated sprites] Luck Potion

    Hello Terrarians. Molos here with an old suggestion. I made this one back on TO, and now I'm bringing it here. The luck potion Crafting: x2 x5 x3 x2 x1 x5 Buff icon (yes that's supposed to be a shamrock) This potion doubles the droprate of all items except items that have a 100%...
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