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  1. JakeO

    Fargo's Souls Mod not downloading

    When I click download in the built-in mod browser in tModloader it shows a bar but it does not download then 1 second later it goes back to the Mod Browser. Yes I have the Fargo's Mutant Mod downloaded and enabled. I need a solution!
  2. JakeO

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    I cant seem to download the mod
  3. JakeO

    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    I feel like that there needs to be mod support
  4. JakeO

    tModLoader AutoReforge mod

  5. JakeO

    tModLoader AutoReforge mod

    There is also another bug where those consumable rogue weapons Does not reforge automatically
  6. JakeO

    tModLoader AutoReforge mod

    Since the Calamity Rust and Dust Update The Rouge Weapons best modifier is now Flawless and it removed the the vanilla Modifiers it used including the Unreal Modifier before the Rust and Dust Update. If I try Reforging ANY Rouge Weapon It Reforges Forever and Ever until it expires and I have to...
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