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  1. bounding star

    Console What is your most disliked enemy in the game?

    Skeleton archers or whatever they are. They are always there at the wrong time, and do a bunch of damage in a short time. Iv'e been finished off by them sooo many times.
  2. bounding star

    Dirty Bombs

    Maybe it could "throw" dirt blocks it creates, kinda like how explosions work in starbound
  3. bounding star

    Ethereal Blocks - Keep Away Those Ghosts

    the actuators should block ghosts when on and block animals when off, so you can walk through when theyre on but ghosts cant
  4. bounding star

    Terraria 2 to skip 2.5D and go straight to 3D

    The main thing is i get some sort of discount when it arrives... EDIT: 2.5D means 2D world with 3D graphics.
  5. bounding star

    PC Two things...

    do you want any items in particular? you tell me what you want EDIT: add me on steam (same name)
  6. bounding star

    PC Two things...

    As many truffle worms as you don't need. I shouldn't need more than 10. Also 1 moon stone would be good.
  7. bounding star

    PC Looking to start a new world with a few people.

    if you still have a spot, id love to join. EDIT: Thanks
  8. bounding star

    PC Two things...

    Ok, it's in your sig :p
  9. bounding star

    PC Two things...

    Hmm, haven't really gotten into fishing, but I'm sure I could get a bunch of platinum. I'll pm you when I'll be able to trade it.
  10. bounding star

    Stack size increases

    why dont we just go all out and have unlimited stacks?
  11. bounding star

    Serious This just in: Pluto is (officially) a planet again!

    Pluto has NOT been reclassified. Read the article.
  12. bounding star

    PC Two things...

    1. Moon stone 2. Truffle worm?
  13. bounding star

    Serious This just in: Pluto is (officially) a planet again!

    Pluto is a type of planet, I'm not denying that. But you still seem to be defending the classification of one of millions of lifeless lumps of rock. I don't understand why people have such an attachment, why can't you just allow an attempt at classification? I'm not saying that calling it a...
  14. bounding star

    Serious This just in: Pluto is (officially) a planet again!

    The reason we need a definition is there is no line when something becomes a planet. If it just has to orbit the sun, then every asteroid would be classified as a planet. If it has to be spherical, then what do we scientifically classify as spherical enough? Would Ceres be a planet? Now why...
  15. bounding star

    Serious This just in: Pluto is (officially) a planet again!

    The reason I make this comparison is not because the moon is large, but because the relative size of the moon and earth is large. Now I'm not saying that it should be classified as a double planet, but it just shows the need for constant standards that are not subject to the public, who feel...
  16. bounding star

    Serious This just in: Pluto is (officially) a planet again!

    First of all the link says that members of the public voted at a debate. This does not mean that there has been an official vote, and Pluto is still technically a dwarf planet, which is a class of planet anyway. To qualify as a planet, a body must orbit the sun and be large enough to be at least...
  17. bounding star

    HERO Terraria Youtuber - Hello my friends.

    hi, you probly wont see me here, but i like your polished vids and ya
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