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  1. TUMM11

    Liquid Duplication Discussion

    I am creating this thread for people to share their 1.4 liquid duplication designs, because for whatever reason the devs thought it was necessary to change the way liquids work -_- I have been experimenting to see if there was some sort of workaround, and so far I have been able to recreate an...
  2. TUMM11

    PC Does anybody know if it's possible to convert consol worlds to pc worlds.

    I have been playing terraria on my PS4 for years and just recently got a PC that can run the game. I used the PS4's flashdrive backup to import all of my worlds and characters to PC but the game wouldn't load them. I was wondering if there is a way to make my worlds compatible with PC or if...
  3. TUMM11

    Serious Relationship Advice

    Just ask/answer any questions/answers concerning relationships.
  4. TUMM11

    Console World Backup duping on 1.3

    Hello fellow terrarians! Throughout my experiences with the new 1.3 update for consol I have noticed that world backups have been removed from the game. I addressed this several times in the main update page and Loki confirmed the only way to backup data is through the PS4’s cloud save system...
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