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  1. The__Bird

    PC The purse

    Pink purse Obtained by: Dropped by mimics (Changed by popular demand 12%) Damage: 38 Knockback: 2 Use time: 20 (Fast) Other: Inflicts a random debuff every 10 hits More of a random fun item than anything else This wonderful sprite was made by @DerpoTheMagnificent :D I suggest checking out his...
  2. The__Bird

    PC Endgame boomerang [Nostalgia]

    At the beginning of every world you make in terraria with a new character, chanced are you ran into a wooden boomerang at some point. You used it to kill zombies, skeletons, slimes, and even pinky or an undead miner. Then, it became obsolete. Then you found the enchanted boomerang, and used it...
  3. The__Bird

    PC Summoner change

    So I was thinking on how to make the summoner class better, when something occurred to me. Why does the summoner use mana? Melee class doesn't use bullets, so why does the summoner use mana? My solution: Life force *Sprite under construction* Life force would act like mana, but summoning...
  4. The__Bird

    PC Fourth liquid, Four new endgame armors, gravity mining, and more! [Big]

    NOTE: This will be a short thread, because I already made this thread once. Then the internet decided to hit the almighty backspace ;( I am not in the mood to recreate the thread from scratch, and since I was to dumb to make it on a google/microsoft word document, and also failed to have a...
  5. The__Bird

    Casual What's you avatar?

    So I've been seeing lots of gifs being used as avatars, and that made me wonder how many people actually still use regular images, and who have switched over to gifs? Basically just vote what your avatar is, and I will use the data to take over 1.3 Also so this thread doesn't die, tell me what...
  6. The__Bird

    PC Something that needs to be addressed about the goblin army

    The goblin army. It has gone unnoticed long enough. It was fine in 1.0 and 1.2. But now it needs to be brought to justice. The goblin army has no... summoner mob. Think about it. They have a mage, a warrior, an archer, but no summoner. It is time that the goblin army is updated to fit the...
  7. The__Bird

    PC Golemites, and more uses for souls

    Don't tell me you haven't started hard mode for the very first time, and was disappointed by the few uses for souls. The boss souls at-least. I mean their SOULS. Sure, you can craft cool stuff out of them, but the souls THEMSELVES don't have much of a use. This got me thinking, what if there...
  8. The__Bird

    PC New NPC's

    Seeing how the summoner class is getting some work, I thought it needed its own NPC :D The summoner The summoner is a non-hardmode NPC that spawns under these requirements: -You have at-least 200 max life -You have 4 other NPC's housed -You must be wearing some/any sort of summoner armor...
  9. The__Bird

    New event: Cursed/Ichor moon

    I know what you're thinking (Not really but I always wanted to start a thread with that phrase. Actually lets just forget that first part) The Cursed/Ichor moons are events that like the crimson/corruption, are different in different worlds. However, here is the twist: The Cursed moon appears...
  10. The__Bird

    Capture the flag

    How this game goes, is that somebody has the flag, and somebody else has to take it from them. Here's an example I find the flag in Mr. Mystery's secret bunker I overpower his dog guarding the flag Then I hide the flag in my house's house. Thats basically it :joy:
  11. The__Bird

    PC More summoner items

    (Yes, I got the format for these off the wiki with some small changes) -HARDMODE- Golem staff Type: Summon weapon Damage: 70 Max stack: 1 Minion cap: 2 Mana: 10 Velocity: 10 Rarity: Yellow Acquired by: Dropped by golem (3.5% chance) Tooltip (Item): Summons a golemite to fight for you Tooltip...
  12. The__Bird

    PC Eye of Cthulhu random eye color

    Everything you need to know is in the title. I just thought it would add some customization to the eye. Colors would be -Blue (25%) -Dark red (20%) -Yellow (5%) -Dark green (10%) -Purple (10%) -Pink (5%) -Black (5%) -White (10%) -Brown (8%) -Rainbow (1.5%) -No eye color (0.5%)
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