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  1. blahblahbal

    **REPORTED** Chaos Elementals and Rock Golems clipping through blocks

    I just now noticed that Chaos Elementals will fall through solid blocks upon reaching a point where they get "stuck" and then trying to teleport. Instead of teleporting, they will quite literally fall through the floor. Not sure how Rock Golems are doing this, but I also witnessed them falling...
  2. blahblahbal

    **REPORTED** Buff icon display has a gap after "in range of tile" buffs are applied and timed buffs expire

    I noticed this just recently; when you have multiple buffs, and some are timed and some are "in range of tile" (like campfire, heart lantern, etc.), and the timed buffs expire, there is a gap in your buff icons. GIF of this: And upon further testing, it does not produce this bug if you don't...
  3. blahblahbal

    Working as Designed Multiplayer team members' icons disappearing and reappearing

    Noticed this just today, not sure if it's new with or just didn't notice before. GIF is here: Neither of us left the team. Not sure what could be causing this, but it's a little weird.
  4. blahblahbal

    **REPORTED** New life/mana bar style not saving upon exiting game

    So I changed my life/mana bar style to classic, and upon exiting and relaunching the game and loading a world, the bars have reverted to the fancy style. Not sure if this has already been reported or not, and I didn't want to sift through a bunch of reports lol. This is on
  5. blahblahbal

    tModLoader Terraria Avalon

    **NOTICE TO MODERATORS** This thread is a re-creation of the original thread, located here: http://forums.terraria.org/threads/378 **END NOTICE** Terraria Avalon is a content mod that adds a variety of content, including new NPCs, Items, Tiles, and dynamics. The Avalon team is looking for an...
  6. blahblahbal

    The forum seems to be slowing down.

    Hey, just noticed this the other day. Load times on the forums seem to be increasing out of the blue, and the other day I got some error that lasted for at least 2 hours, preventing me from accessing the forums. I can load other websites just fine, they take less than seconds to load. Anyone...
  7. blahblahbal

    Pixel Art Blah's Pixel Art

    Hey, I'm back. I decided to open up an art thread here, so this is it. I'll be putting stuff that I make here, and you guys can critique them. So, without further ado, here are the sprites. Melee Weapons Swords Other/Tools Magic Weapons Ranged Weapons Accessories...
  8. blahblahbal

    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    A newer version of this thread can be found here: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/terraria-avalon.68993/ DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/rtm99Uq This is still being set up, so pardon any oddities. The 1.3 version of Exxo Avalon has been released! Terraria Avalon is a content...
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