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  1. Chazm

    Obtain the bad art!

    (Blame @XenoCat and @SpliceCraftTeria for the idea even though I'm trying to remember advanced C#) So... after a few days being pestered by a few people, I decided to make this RP central seriously if you want it that bad you'll have to do more than that. Anyway, rules: You can use any and...
  2. Chazm

    Standalone Obtaining items with no crafting recipe

    If I were to do source modding, how would I get items which are unobtainable?
  3. Chazm

    tAPI Chazm's Miscellaneous Mod

    Most planned things work as normal. I just need bosses and then I can release into the normal forums. A preview of some of the items: Katanis, for if you don't have a Terra Blade on you: 70 melee damage, use time 15, large reach Crafted with 3 Cobalt Swords, 2 Mythril Swords, 1 Adamantite Sword...
  4. Chazm

    Void Staff

    -Please close this thread. I don't like the idea anymore.-
  5. Chazm


    Any idea why I thought this? Or was it that Android game I keep playing? Anyway... To the suggestion! Signboard (boomerang) 'The one who reads this message will be eternally damned. Unfortunately, this sign has sharp edges..' Damage: 78 Use time: 24, (fast) Velocity: 11 Crit chance: 10%...
  6. Chazm

    PC Plasma and Lunar Phaser

    I've seen the Starfury in earlier versions do amazing things. However, now it's just a normal star, and doesn't deserve the title 'Fury' Plasma Phaser 1x any colour Phaseblade 12 Nanites 8 Hallowed Bars 38 magic damage 4% crit. chance Use time: 18 Mana cost: 14 A bolt comes from every side of...
  7. Chazm

    Blueflare Katana

    This is my first equipment suggestion on TCF. It does include new ingredients, hopefully a Moon-type meteor will be in the game. This is also an improvement over the Beetle Blade. Damage: 54 Use time: 5 'Didn't even see it coming' About the same size as a Terra Blade Hitting enemies causes...
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