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  1. Ca595

    PC 595 Pack

    Hello, fellow terrarians. I have been busy with this texture pack for a while now. it doesn't have much but there's enough to make a forum post about it. I will not yet give the download link until version 1 is released. New bars added: Sprites:
  2. Ca595

    Ca595 Pack

    Hey peeps. ive been making sprites for a few years now and i wanted to start on a texture pack. once the texture pack hits aroud 25 items i think i will release version 1.1
  3. Ca595

    Sprites Resprites

    with the last update lots of new sprites came like skeletron. but i still think that some things still have place for inprovement since there almost never is made any use of AA making thing much more smooth for example before - after all i did was add anti anialising and made the...
  4. Ca595

    WIP Dutch translation

    actualy i dont understatnd how a *profesional* team makes mistakes in translation tho lol Hello team terraria, we dutch people need to play terraria without any translations! so well here is my try on translations Anyways, thats it. a bit more could be done i guess
  5. Ca595

    Pixel Art Ca595 Pixel palace

    Hello everyone Welcome to my spriting thread ^-^ -About me: My name is Ca595, Im 17 Going to art college and i used to be active on this forum and im back! im really exited to show you most of the art that i made while i was gone here! ^-^ this is where i show most of my art that i have made...
  6. Ca595

    tModLoader Capitulum mod

    this mod is going about better your lifestyle in terria such as more drops, more biome mobs, and more craftables Discord : https://discord.gg/UD8pUp3 Suggest some things that should be added
  7. Ca595

    Sprites Better Furniture Crafts!

    okay tbh im bad at organising so i wont even try WELCOME TO MY FURNITURE SUGGESTION! okay so the furnace recipe is a bit costy for very early game tbh how about? 10 5 1 okay so the hellforge (wich also couldl need an resprite) should be craftable how about? 1 10 3 / these guys are...
  8. Ca595


    Welcome to my MEGA suggestion! so...i want to add a LOAD of suggestions, better classes, more details. because personaly i think you shouldnt be going futher then moon lord...NO YOU should add more detail in everything before it! so welcome to my MEGA SUGGESTION (yep no sprites yet) 1. Flail+...
  9. Ca595

    the forgotten 1.2 sprites

    some of the items (introduced in the 1.2) should be resprited and added (would also be a great addon to mobile)
  10. Ca595

    PC mobs should be re-sprited

    okay so in 1.3.4 and 1.3.3 we saw some beatifull nps but that makes the old, not yet resprited nps even more ugly Crimson that shell could have been done way better (like by the scorpion that would have been nice) and that MOUTH, l ol, and bleght those hands or what they are + changed the...
  11. Ca595

    Pixel Art CA595's [BIG] sprites

    so i rarely make big sprites...so i decided to show them together this is the mega crimera i made (feb) at 14-2-2017 this is the nimbus lord i made (end januari) 29-1-2017 evil corn 23-4-2017 (end april) bejeweld one : 23-4-2017 (end april) and pillowshading/jaggies are my fetish
  12. Ca595

    Sprites The Grinding Project

    THE GRINDING PROJECT - so i layed in bed thinking about terraria, especialy about the boring early game where you go down to collect ore armor and weapons to get better and i thought that would be pretty boring so i decided to create an farming/grinding like projects Slimewood armor an...
  13. Ca595

    Pixel Art Ca595's Mod Re-Sprites

    i decided to post here all of my re-sprites for mods ----------------------------------------------------------------- -Decimation mod-
  14. Ca595

    tModLoader [starlight] M[ore] Tools mod!

    MORE TOOLS MOD - about *this mod focuses on more tools made of the bars, now we are focusing on the pre-hardmode ores (tin, copper, iron, lead, silver, tungsten, platinum & gold) *this are the tools we are cuccerently working on : flails yoyo's guns drills spears boomerangs repeaters rocket...
  15. Ca595

    Pixel Art Ca595 Takes Suggestions!

    Feel Free To! Suggest! Kay, i was bored and wanted to challenge myself, i keep the request open for a week, then i close then i keep then closed for a week etc...
  16. Ca595

    tModLoader Project Starlight

    WELP, this is for the (not advanced) guys with big dreams and started all happy a mod forum but realised it wasnt gonna be something... Guess what? here you can add that content and we will add it to the mod! this is gonna a whole squad full of cool guys! spriters : @ca595, @LeeTG3...
  17. Ca595

    Pixel Art ca595,s Misc tool sets!

    hellooooo! here we will sprite some misc tool sets who still dont have a tool set! (suchs as : ) and you can suggest to wich misc i should make! (you can to sprite them yourself, maybe i add them!) ___pickaxe__axe___bow____sword_
  18. Ca595

    Pixel Art vortex gun upgrades

    hello folks! i decided to make vortex versions of all guns! = an inpresive sword by @LeeTG3! (WIP = work in progress) normal = vortex = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
  19. Ca595

    Pixel Art THE BIG-Sprite-resprite place

    okay so trash here your old bad sprites (or sprites needed for a mod but dont look good) im happy if i could help so just post! status : open = = = = = oh and btw if you are a good spriter dont come to me for perfection...
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