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  1. LuciousTPK

    tModLoader Project: Fear

    Project: Fear WIP Description Project: Fear is a large content mod that aspires to vastly change not only how the game is played and progressed through, but also the theme of the game as well as being a platform for telling a story to the player. In short this mod aims to turn Terraria into a...
  2. LuciousTPK

    Xbox One WTB Key Molds

    I don't normally look to buy items as I feel it rips the point of the game away, but I have searched for near a week after getting all the others in a single day (minus the corruption since this world is crimson). The fact of the matter is that my brothers are highly impatient people. While I...
  3. LuciousTPK

    WIP The Phoenix Nest of Literature

    Opening Letter Hello everyone! I have come to do a few things with this thread post so let's get introductions out of the way. I am Lucious, one who wishes to try and make my mark on the community and help it in the process. I have decent enough writing skill that I hope will show in my own...
  4. LuciousTPK

    Xbox 360 WTB Ankh Chark (and if possible a flame feather)

    The corruption in my world is spreading quickly and since i deleted everything i have only one character and no Ankh Charm to use against everything. Also a fire feather.
  5. LuciousTPK

    Xbox 360 Orange Bloodroot?

    Is this even possible to obtain in the console (360) version. ive been searching for weeks.
  6. LuciousTPK

    Poetry Many Steps Taken

    This poem is dedicated to InsertUsernameHere(@InsertUsernameHere ) Many Steps Taken By: LuciousTPK I remember once when every single block was a problem in my way The simplest of task then easily took a day. Every step I took though lead to a heavenly feel of accomplishment I still have yet...
  7. LuciousTPK

    Stories of You

    Request are currently: Closed Hello everyone I am Lucious the Phoenix King, here for you guys. I am putting up this thread so that you can request being in a story with a specific setting. Ever wanted to be locked in a temple, fighting aliens that are forever eating potatoes? Well you can now...
  8. LuciousTPK

    Poetry Isolation

    Hello, Lucious the Phoenix King trying out my writing skills in an actual writing thread, since suggestions are wearing me down a little. This thread is for Yrimir (@Yrimir), the poetry he asked for. If you would like me to write something for you, please contact me via my profile or...
  9. LuciousTPK

    Wing Buffs

    Hello guys, Lucious The Phoenix King here with the follow up thread to "The Wings Potion" so i encourage you to read that that thread along with this one when you can :). So this idea comes from the idea of wings having more purpose and more of a reason to choose a certain pair of wings. Lets...
  10. LuciousTPK

    The Wings Potion

    Hello guys Lucious The Phoenix King here! Today i have a suggestion that i have been brain storming on. It comes from the thought that my wings dont do much inless i stack flying ability lick accessories. Now that is fine and dandy but i would MUCH prefer to use those slots for say melee items...
  11. LuciousTPK

    Hello guys its Lucious The Phoenix King :D

    Hello forum goers its Lucious The Phoenix King doing something that is either stupid, crazy, or just silly. BUT im doing it anyway! :D Baisically for those who know me from TO that i spend a hefty amount of time in the suggestions area, even from the beggininng when i joined a year ago, but i...
  12. LuciousTPK


    Hello guys, Lucious The Phoenix King here, proud to say i have finally moved my account here. Now a long time ago, for those who dont know me, i made my first thread "Exitium." It was proudly my best suggestion to date but i never revised the issues i glossed over (which means a little may be...
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