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  1. InstaFiz

    PC My game is getting seriously messed up. Computer keeps flashing black... “Insufficient Memory”?

    This is gonna be a little hard to explain. Whenever I launch Terraria, weird things start to happen. My computer keeps flashing a black screen. Sometimes the game even crashes because I have “insufficient memory”. I wish I had a crash report, but it doesn’t always crash. I’ll try getting it as...
  2. InstaFiz

    Switch Friend codes!

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I decided to make it. You can share your friend codes here. Mine is SW-3669-2530-7504, but I can't guarantee that I'll add you. I only will if I'm familiar with your whereabouts.
  3. InstaFiz

    Xbox One Only One Player Can Use a Flying Knife at a Time

    When you’re in multiplayer, players can’t use their own flying knives if one player is using one. This means that you can’t have more than one flying knife out at a time. This can get really annoying. Is this intentional or just an annoying bug?
  4. InstaFiz

    PC Thorium Mod Co-op (w/ SolarDragonMarnyr)

    THIS USED TO BE A TREMOR SERIES, BUT WE GAVE UP AFTER TWO EPISODES. IT'S THORIUM NOW Hello everyone! I wasn’t planning to do a new co-op series so fast after the end of Melee Gang, but my buddy @SolarDragonMarnyr was really eager to play Terraria with me, so I figured: why not start a new co-op...
  5. InstaFiz

    Rainbow Platforms

    It's as simple as that. I think we should be able to make two rainbow platforms out of one rainbow brick, as well as being able to craft it back, of course. Disclaimer: This is actually the idea of my good friend @SolarDragonMarnyr . We were just playing together one day and he randomly came up...
  6. InstaFiz

    Xbox One There's two merchants...

    Recently encountered a strange bug. The other day, I was on a world on my Xbox One, and there were two merchants that each owned their own house. Their names were Ralph and Edmund. When I checked the NPC list, the game considered Edmund to be the main merchant. So I got rid of the table, chair...
  7. InstaFiz

    Ocean Mirror (Magic Mirror from fishing)

    Whenever we start a new world, there are three key items that we always look for: the Magic Mirror, the Cloud in a Bottle, and the Hermés Boots. Problem is, it's not guaranteed that these items will appear in chests. Fortunately, two out of the three of these items can be obtained via...
  8. InstaFiz

    PC Melee Gang (w/ ppowersteef)

    Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be starting my new series: Melee Gang! What are the rules? Simple. The playthrough takes four types of melee weapons into account: swords, flails, spears, and boomerangs. I'm only allowed to use swords and flails, while my partner can only use spears and...
  9. InstaFiz

    Xbox One 1.3 Archey Playthrough

    Hello folks. I already have episodes 1 and 2 of this up on my YouTube channel, but I figured it was time to finally create a thread about it. As the title suggests, I am only allowed to use anything that shoots arrows as weapons throughout this playthrough. With that, let's show you the videos...
  10. InstaFiz

    Casual How were your holidays? (2017)

    I posted a thread like this last year, and yippee! I get to do it again! Last year, I took pictures of the stuff I got and asked you all how your holidays went and what you got (and gave ;)). So I'll ask it again. How's it going? What did you get? What did you give? Below is a tour of the stuff...
  11. InstaFiz

    PC Finally, InstaFiz does a Spirit Mod Let's Play!

    After almost a year since it's release, I have finally decided to start a let's play on it! Let's get started!
  12. InstaFiz

    Mac Dungeon Guardian Prime at the beginning of nighttime...

    (video coming soon) So me and my friend were playing expert mode, and I was spam clicking the mechanical skull until nighttime struck, and when it did, I summoned him, and he showed up as Dungeon Guardian Prime, killing us both instantly at the speed of light. He's not supposed to do that until...
  13. InstaFiz

    Xbox One Want to buy ocram mask and trophy

    Ocram is getting removed soon. The summoner for him takes up a lot of resources. I want to buy an ocram mask and trophy. My gamertag is InstaFiz. Name your price or give it to me for free.
  14. InstaFiz

    Bendy and the Ink Machine

    This thread is for anything relating to Bendy and the Ink Machine, a puzzle horror game. The first chapter was released in Febuary 2017. I'm gonna admit: I've never played the game. I never had the guts to play ANY horror game, actually. But I'll consider it. I'm loving the fandom, though. What...
  15. InstaFiz

    Mac Play Terraria for Mac with an Xbox One Controller Tutorial

    Look in the description of the video to see the links I mentioned. Hope this helped!
  16. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz AMA (YouTube subscribers and TCF members get to know me better!)

    Hello! I decided to make an AMA for me, because who knows? Maybe I can better interact with subscribers to my YouTube channel? ( that doesn't mean TCF members don't get to participate, though :p ) EDIT: New rule: questions can only be about gaming-related things
  17. InstaFiz

    Xbox One Chest Statue

    Lock please. I think someone saw this because I got a message about it via Xbox Live.
  18. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz's Terraria speedrun videos (always up to date)

    So I decided to make a thread of all my Terraria speedrun videos, since I'm doing that a lot lately.
  19. InstaFiz

    PC Aurora Realms (playthrough w/ Aurora3500!)

    Hello, everyone! @Aurora3500 and I are proud to present to you; Aurora Realms! This is basically a co-op series between me and her, and I feel so honored to be doing it. And with that, all the videos thus far are below! Oh yeah, @neoselket wanted me to tag him when this came out, so... xD
  20. InstaFiz

    Casual Hey, everyone! How were your holidays!

    Before we start, I think this would be better off as a thread rather than a profile post. The stuff we're gonna talk about will NOT fit in a profile post. So, uh, yeah! Let's get started! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I had a good one! Here, let me show you! Click the spoiler below to...
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