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  1. Bob The Peanut

    PC Since latest hotfix, the game won't start.

    Since 1.3.4's last update, the game hasn't been able to run. When i try to start it, an error message pops up asking me to start it fro my steam client. When I try that, the same thing happens. I have no idea what is happening.
  2. Bob The Peanut

    PC A few changes to actuators

    Crap what should I say Hello ladies and gents! Here are a few ideas I had for actuators yesterday. 10/10 IGN Would read again 1. Allow actuators to actuate rope, mine cart tracks and trees. When actuated, rope and tracks would not be usable. MAYBE furniture too? 2. When a block is...
  3. Bob The Peanut

    [Request] Vanity Map

    So I was wondering, has there been a map released that includes all the vanity items in the game? If not, It would be great if someone could make one. This includes dyes, armors and developer stuff. I have been wanting to experiment with making new vanity sets, but don't have the means. This...
  4. Bob The Peanut

    PC [Showcase] Conveyor Belt Ladder

    As I was trying to get a probe to spawn, I was annoyed that all the money from harpies and wyverns kept falling before I could get it. Wanting to test out one of my ideas, I made this. I know this has been done before, I just wanted to try my hand at it. The three second timer at the top...
  5. Bob The Peanut

    PC Glowing Mushroom lake not functioning at high altitudes

    Here is a quick bug I found while the game was still in I made an above-ground mushroom biome and put a lake in it, but the lake functions as a sky lake and not a glowing mushroom lake. I can't catch the mushroom quest fish, while I did catch an angel fish and a sky crate. The top left...
  6. Bob The Peanut

    An explanation of logic gates

    Is anyone else SUPER confused about logic gates? Like what the heck is a XNOR gate? Being sick of not knowing what they were, I finally found a reliable source and learned about logic gates earlier today, so now I am here to share my knowledge with the world! To start off, there are 7 main...
  7. Bob The Peanut

    Uses for Pets

    So I was thinking about how pets are sort of useless (other than looking way cool) as far as utility goes. Following that train of thought, I realized that they could in fact be given uses, just not in the way most people think. So, without further ado, here's my suggestion! (Sorry about that)...
  8. Bob The Peanut

    **REPORTED** Spawning bug

    Don't know if this bug has been reported yet... After dying in the Underground Jungle, I respawned, but my character did not appear. I could open my inventory but not react with it at all and move the mouse. After a few seconds, I pressed G to turn off auto cursor (I died with it on) and when I...
  9. Bob The Peanut

    So it occured to me I never introduced myself.

    Well, here goes... Hey- Nope not writing it. I started and mt brain was like "Initiating shutdown sequence S.T.U.P.I.D". Anyways, I am American, and I happen to love cheese, Undertale, reading and burning things (don't question it). I have been on the forums for, what, like 8 months now? I only...
  10. Bob The Peanut

    A Random Bug that happened once

    Relatively simple bug. I was shooting grass with an Ice Blade, but when I broke a tall grass block, a purple strange plant dropped. I had a blow pipe in my inventory, if that helps. Also, has the bug where an item duplicates when it drops been reported? This has happened to me with a pumpkin...
  11. Bob The Peanut

    Today I have done the impossible.

    This kind of thing has never happened to me before. (except MAYBE once) I was killing Werewolves, and one dropped a Moon Charm AND an Adhesive Bandage. That's a 1/6000 chance of happening! What crazy things have happened to you?
  12. Bob The Peanut

    Make Customizable Mouse Thickness a thing

    So, many of us already know about how you can edit the games code to give your mouse thick edges. It isn't very hard, and is super helpful for people like me who are always losing their mouse. I propose that in the settings tab, inside the 'Cursor Color' their would be two color bars, one for...
  13. Bob The Peanut

    Gemstone Refinery

    I have been procrastinating this for a while now. Lets just get it over with. The Gemstone Refinery! You can probably guess that this makes gems. Really, Bob? How did you know? Well, random voice in Italics, it is pretty obvious. This thing-a-ma-bob is looted from Ruined Houses. It spawns on...
  14. Bob The Peanut

    Fixing the Anvil Statue

    First off, I couldn't decide which topic to post this under, so I settled on this one. End of story. Now, this has been suggested countless times, 'this' meaning making more statues useful. However, in this thread, I am only going to fix one: the Anvil Statue. I propose that Anvil Statues now...
  15. Bob The Peanut

    Icky Stuff!

    So here it is! My thread! You've clicked on it, expecting to see some gross stuff, only to read this line and be disappointed. Oh well, here we go. By the way, I made my first sprite for this thread! It actually turned out pretty good, to be honest. (Icky Stuff sprite is kind of broken, sorry...
  16. Bob The Peanut

    WIP Miscellaneos Changes

    This will always be a WIP because I will always be adding to it. I was playing Terraria a few nights ago and noticed some things I would like changed or added (because they make sense). I will also list glitches I have experienced. Items: Pink Banner: We have the other team banners, so why not...
  17. Bob The Peanut

    Unique holiday title screens

    This is just a simple suggestion. When holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas come, the title screen would have changes based on the holiday.
  18. Bob The Peanut

    WIP Potion Ideas

    This is the place where I post all of my potion ideas, therefore it will always be a WIP. Now, to start... Special Potions Special potions are potions that use regular ones and enhances them, with side effects. So lets get to it! By the way, if anyone wants to sprite, your welcome too...
  19. Bob The Peanut

    WIP Cloak of Feathers

    First off, I might want to change the name but have no other name for it. It'll come. Maybe. Now for the actual suggestion! The Cloak of Feathers! Crafted with 200 Silk, 30 Feathers, 1 Giant Harpy Feather, 1 Ice Feather, and 1 Fire Feather. What does it do, you ask? Well, first, it makes...
  20. Bob The Peanut

    WIP General Ocean Expansion

    A thread by @Charon made me start thinking: why is the ocean so... so lame? Aren't oceans these huge, diverse ecosystems? And why are there no real fish in the FRICKEN OCEAN?!?!? Well, here is my way of fixing it. Posting a thread that will most likely never even end up in the game:p (by the...
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