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  1. BlazGaming

    PC Blood Moon / Solar Eclipse happening way too often

    they could always occur back to back
  2. BlazGaming

    PC Easteregg Seeds question

    you could use tedit and copy and paste the other world evil or select drunk world option in there
  3. BlazGaming

    PC Blood Moon / Solar Eclipse happening way too often

    on 1.3 when I was going to fight moonlord for 5 solar eclipses and blood moons in a row lol I think it's either your good or bad luck (however you view it) that's happening to you
  4. BlazGaming


    so your the type of guy to play minecraft on easy keep inventory look the game isn't rougelike and expert becomes quite easy master mode is but then on mediumcore you dont drop all of your items
  5. BlazGaming

    Is 1.4 really the last update?

    maybe 1.4.2 will be a thing but pretty much 1.4.1 is confirmed as the community cosmetics still need to be added
  6. BlazGaming

    Problems With NPC Happiness

    if you look in the beastiary it makes it pretty obvious and if you check their happiness they tell you who they don't like and how does it discourage castles? it just makes it more empty
  7. BlazGaming

    PC Does Happiness affect Angler rewards?

    I've been fishing quite a bit and haven't noticed a difference from 1.3 and the wiki item drops say nothing about it so it's probably no
  8. BlazGaming

    Who here praises the torch god?

    the beauty of his graceful flames is beautiful and his favor that he asks of you is.... touching....
  9. BlazGaming

    Is there a free offline downloadable complete terraria guide for the present ver 1.4?

    the next best thing is using the guide and beastiary to help you for offline stuff, the guide can actually be pretty useful if you but in anything that says material
  10. BlazGaming

    zenith is bad

    from the surface but when you realise it does 50% less damage due to mana sickness the damage is in line with the other moonlord drops, sure it was a spike at the beggining but it really falls off fast
  11. BlazGaming

    1.4 Was Overall A Great Update, however, in some areas there were major let downs.

    I also thought that but it just gave it more stable progression which is welcome in my books as 1.3 summoner progression was rough
  12. BlazGaming

    I'm making a chart for the NPCs' biome preferences!

    yea it's pretty cool a bit big tho
  13. BlazGaming

    PC What is the weakest class in your opinion, as of the release of 1.4?

    honestly it has to be magic ranged got a buff with the expert mode drop making you able to melt moonlord in seconds while having high damage and mobility it's kinda funny how the best class previously is now the worst also summoner isn't a class
  14. BlazGaming

    I'm making a chart for the NPCs' biome preferences!

    just look in the beastiary or the wiki......
  15. BlazGaming

    zenith is bad

    zenith needs to be rebalanced so it's in line with the other classes or give other classes a zenith equivilent because it punishes players who don't like the melee playstyle that much for not playing it
  16. BlazGaming

    Happiness really sucks

    boo hoo I can't have my npc prisons anymore
  17. BlazGaming

    What's the difficulty of Master Mode in your opinion?

    it's difficult but can be annoying sometimes, I learned to late (at the pillars) you need to be methodical and careful and not carefree it's a very different playstyle from normal and can be pretty fun
  18. BlazGaming

    *DEVS* Did you even playtest 1.4 master mode??? #OVERTUNED

    I assume you were playing melee which was your first mistake, the lack of range is horrible for master mode and the pillars are doable they take a while until you get your pillar weapon and yes it's annoying and underground desesrt isn't absurdly annoying you just have to be smart which no...
  19. BlazGaming

    Best ranged weapon.

    I like how you have the tsunami but not any of the pillar items which do around the same damage lol, and the megashark is the way to go, you get chlorophyte bullets and that and then your banging for the rest of the game, sure the dps might fall off but then it's about the time where you fight...
  20. BlazGaming

    PC Why is the Martian Saucer is post-Moonlord tier now?

    you need good reaction time and some tanking ability if you can't react in time, using the queen slimes hook will help you in this matter if your near blocks, while being random it still is easier than 1.3 even on master mode
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