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  1. Matecocido

    PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

    This seed is for terraria version in steam, you are not using an older version ?
  2. Matecocido

    PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

    Bast Statue & Lava Charm Create a world with the seed and look at: Bast Statue 980 W - 788 C 1177 W - 824 C 1357 W - 1016 C 1712 W - 1226 C Lava Charm 4961 W - 2696 C Enjoy it. Regards.
  3. Matecocido

    tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions

    It could be, since it happens only when I have a guardian invoked, if the guardians are in their homes, I can only summon the correct number of minions. Maybe this data can help you find where the conflict is generated. By the way, when I have other mods loaded, the keybind of this mod does...
  4. Matecocido

    tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod!

    Hi. When I create a mirror from Dusty Mirror and put the mouse over the new mirror the game crash. I test it with only this mod working and crash too. Bye.
  5. Matecocido

    tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions

    Thanks for the answer and explanation. 👍
  6. Matecocido

    tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions

    Hi, first at all, thanks for this mod, I very like N Terraria for the NPPlayers and this ported to normal/modded terraria it's great <3. And now, some questions and sugestions: Could you explain to me what behavior changes when you modify the guardian tactics->combat_combat behavior (left /...
  7. Matecocido


    It is currently not in tmodloader browser, but can be downloaded from http://javid.ddns.net/tModLoader/DirectModDownloadListing.php Let the whole page load since it has many mods and press CTRL + F and look it up. All mods that have ever been posted on the Browser are there.
  8. Matecocido

    Tool tModLoader: Browserfied (website version of mod browser)

    Confirmed, the page is no longer exist.
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