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    Console Housing menu bug, kinda interesting actually

    First off i apologize for the quality of the photos. But i need someone to see this ridiculous bug. If you have the housing page as the second page, you have to do a specific path for it to work. If you move along this path, housing will not work: However if you use this path the housing...
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    Xbox One Geode/seedbag/can of worms issue/crates

    Xbox Series S When i have a seedbag or can of worms in my inventory, the only time i can open them is if I put them in my hotbar, exit the inventory and press use. Geodes are not able to be opened though. I have tried every button and no matter if they are in my hotbar, or just in my...
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    Xbox One Inconsistent housing menu

    2 seperate accounts one on a series s, other on an x. Happens this way on both. I go to inventory>housing query>press y(which is bound to go to world)> press my use button And 75% of the time absolutely nothing happens.
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