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  1. poptendo

    Demon Eye anomaly

    I found out that if you lure a demon eye to a sloped place like this: / \ , \ , then it becomes stuck. I might be a *little* late, but if not, then all of you farm builders go get building a maximum efficiency blood moon farm. (I'm not that great at building farms.)
  2. poptendo

    PC Pre-hardmode weapon variety

    So i was just doing an expert playthrough as my first Terraria 1.3 playthrough, and noticed how boring magic weapons are in pre-hardmode. The charged blaster cannon from the martain madness event is so cool, and shows how much the hardmode stuff is payed more attention to. The staves, some weak...
  3. poptendo

    PC Poptendo's suggestions thread

    Here's a grouped forum instead of making a few of them in categories. 1. Better reforging: Basically where the reforge system is now, its pathetic and wastes money. (literally, i just wasted over 60 gold trying to get a feral claws to warding, but was unsuccessful D: ) So here's my idea: You...
  4. poptendo

    PC New Lunar Spear - The Space Needle!

    I had this hilarious idea for the lunar spear - a spear that is specifically modeled after the Seattle space needle! It's stats: DMG (melee): Rival that of the North pole Crit: IDK i dont really pay much attention to this anyway. Tooltip: "Thankfully it didn't fall over" This idea...
  5. poptendo

    PC Simple Mannequin armor swap

    I had an idea to be able to go up to a mannequin, and swap armor with it. The button would be placed somewhere with the equipment buttons. The armor-swap will only swap within a five blocks range. The whole mannequin will need to be in that range. It will only swap with the closest one. If...
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