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  1. BlazGaming

    Need help getting through the Lihzahrd Temple

    So I've been playing Master Mode and having fun with the difficulty and I'm stuck at the Lihzahrd Temple I can't get halfway through it without dying, I'm using shroomite gear with megashark, shotbow and rocket launcher. please give me tips or tricks to help me get through it I'm struggling...
  2. BlazGaming

    EOW despawning himself

    EOW keeps on despawning by himself, he goes underground and despawns, I have no idea why it happens (it is multiplayer)
  3. BlazGaming

    Tmodlauncher not able to create a server

    plz help with this issue, I wanna play modded with friends (it even happens if I have no mods on) it just says "Starting server..." and never changes
  4. BlazGaming

    Rarest Pet

    what is the rarest pet in terraria?
  5. BlazGaming

    Truffle worm teleporting, randomly dying and cannot be captured

    idk if I'm unlucky but the truffle worm is constantly dying (for no reason) and teleporting when I'm not even near it and when it should be captured it doesn't for any reason
  6. BlazGaming

    Easy way to find lizhard temple

    and tips or tricks or anything to help me find the temple (world is large)
  7. BlazGaming

    Plantera didn't drop her treasure bag

    she didn't drop it idk why
  8. BlazGaming

    WIP Terraria ideas (W.i.P)

    NPC Town NPC//Solar Cultist - Spawns after you have done the celestiel towers Enemy NPC//Plauged Zombie - spawns in hardmode caverns usually on the outskirts of jungle biomes Neutral NPC//Monkey - spawns in jungle if you see one and attack it a monkey gang will attack, they drop bananas...
  9. BlazGaming

    Cool house desings/buildings

    can I have some house/building designs that looks pretty cool (and has npcs)
  10. BlazGaming

    is it possible that terraria can automaticly transfer worlds/players?

    is this possible or do I have to do it manually
  11. BlazGaming

    What expert boss should I go for first

    Queen Bee or Skeletron (I've already defeated every other hardmode boss)
  12. BlazGaming

    good places for pfp

    I want some good places to look for profile pics (it can be anything) just please I want some good profile pics
  13. BlazGaming

    Expert mode tips

    plz I need em also is it supposed to be raining when you create a world on expert mode?
  14. BlazGaming

    Goblin Tinkerer died he hasn't spawned in a house, is he permanently gone?

    I couldn't acccess his shop since I was swarmed (if opening the shop matters) can someone plz help
  15. BlazGaming

    Artificial biomes and blocks

    how many reccomended blocks do I have to separate the artificial biomes, I want to make rooms next to each other full of these biomes (they are for fishing) the dimensions are 58 blocks length 46 height
  16. BlazGaming

    deathweed and waterleaf not growing

    they are in the the planter boxes and they are not growing at all :/ (and sorry if it seems like I am spamming)
  17. BlazGaming

    enemies not spawning

    just why... why is this happening....
  18. BlazGaming

    Nazar was dropping like candy, now it wont drop

    why is this common item not dropping at all
  19. BlazGaming

    best cursor colours

    what are the best cursor colours (colours that you can see any time or most times)
  20. BlazGaming

    Moonlord despawned

    he was spawned with a celestial sigil and I don't have any mods normal mode
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