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Search results for query: qwerty's random content

  1. A

    A bias Calamity Mod Review.

    I understand where you‘re coming from, and I may find it more useful because I use tons of calamity sized mods, but keep in mind you may miss certain things in progression without it. From what I gathered from the thread, I don’t know if you fought the Desert Scourge. You might’ve, and I just...
  2. Talus

    what's wrong with that, I love qwerty's mod of random content

    what's wrong with that, I love qwerty's mod of random content
  3. MorningStar

    tModLoader The Shop Market

    well interestingly enough, the error occurred in qwerty's random content first this time. i've downloaded both mods and have tried replicating the error but have been unsuccessful. i can't really debug it on my end unless i can reproduce the error. i've checked the other mods you're running as...
  4. S

    PC load failed no backup found

    Same thing is happening to me Medium World (new) Mods; •Upgraded Accessories •Faster tools •Large World enabler •Apaachi’s classes mod •AFKs pets and more •Qwerty’s bosses and items •Mod of Redemption •Mod of redemption (music) •Mod helpers •Boss checklist •Recipe Browser Webmilio’s Commons...
  5. ♥Astolfo♥

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    It looks nice, but I think it has more of a Qwerty's Random Content vibe to it than a Calamity one.
  6. sharkman0101

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    You have too many mods installed. The game is only allowed to use so much RAM because it executes as a 32-bit program, so you need to get rid of a few so that the game will not go over the memory limit.
  7. Z

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    ...awoken -Enabled -extrensibleInventory -Fargowiltas -bosshealtbar -HamstarHelpers -IMKsushimod -joostMod -More chest loot -Magic storage -Maxstack plus -no more tombs -Qwerty's Random content -recipe browser -redemption -sacred tools -spirit mod -split -thorium -univers of sword -wildlife...
  8. the shinobi of slime

    Top 5 underrated terraria mods (in my opinion)

    ...things interesting. if you like decorating give this mod a try tModLoader - [Released] Jenosis' Furniture, Food, and Fun 3. Qwerty's Random Content Mod with qwerty's random content you get 7 bosses, new armor, weapons, and even a new structure in the sky. with huge creative concepts and...
  9. Lithium

    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    I should've worded that better, I think- what I meant to say was that I don't know how to code that... Not really sure how ammo consumption code works yet, not to mention summons- BUT, I do like the idea, and I'll keep it in mind for whenever I eventually do summon weapons.
  10. HallowKingJerrold

    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    They're basically summons that use ammo that you have on you, much like Qwerty's Random Content Mod's Lune Archer Staff (which uses Arrows)
  11. Corinna

    tModLoader Corinna's Crazy Custom Content plus Corn (need more programmers)

    Hello if you haven't met me already I am making a mod that plans to redesign nearly every aspect of the game and add many new details, gameplay, and mechanics that basically are a whole new game but fleshed out and still Terraria. I plan to add MUCH optional content to prehardmode, hardmode, and...
  12. Yvori

    tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

    ...making them instantly reusable, infinitely, when using the heal hotkey (although this may occur from manually using them too, haven't tested). This has been confirmed on both Infinity's Endless Potions and Qwerty's Random Content's Chalice of Light, so it seems to be a pretty universal issue.
  13. Cubic.

    Shape Shifting (a lot of new stuff.)

    Thank you! Unfortunately, console users like myself and mobile users miss out on mods and texture packs. If I suggest something that's in a mod, just remember there are people who can't even download mods out there who would love to see the content they brought about. Yet again, that's also...
  14. SkeletalDestroyr

    Shape Shifting (a lot of new stuff.)

    ...Shapeshifter (While you may not actually shapeshift, you do get special abilities depending on what boss armor you wear) and Qwerty's Random Content (Qwerty is currently creating special shapeshifting stones that actually do transform you, however there are only three at the moment: an anvil...
  15. LemmoNadeYT

    What Quest are you On?

    dude why are you playing my mod "HeroSickle" ?
  16. ShadowOfDarkness

    What Quest are you On?

    ...a bit. I may add Terraria Overhaul and try out Expert and possibly Calamity's Revengance/Death Modes. Oh, I'm also using Qwerty's Random Content and W1K's mod redux. The game is many times better with the addition of the one and only R-Rated Mod (with tag) I could find on the Mod Browser...
  17. qwerty3.14

    tModLoader Qwerty's Random Content Mod

    I decided to make a new forum page please use this one instead I got some comments about making the mod's homepage being a forum post. Which is why I wanted to redo the forum page. https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/qwertys-bosses-and-items.84040/ This mod adds whatever I feel like...
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