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  1. A Terraria Mage

    PC Music Randomly Sets Itself To Zero and Won't Go Up

    Hello When playing Terraria, The Music Randomly Sets Itself To 0 in settings in game. After I set it to 100 it instantly sets itself to Zero. The only way to fix it is to leave the world, go to settings and change it to 100.
  2. A Terraria Mage

    Ask Me Anything because Bordeom

    Boredom so uh, Ama time. I'll answer most questions. Ask away.
  3. A Terraria Mage

    Casual Random Question Thing.

    Here’s 3 random Questions 1- Whats in your opinion, a toxic community 2- What’s something you find dumb 3- What’s better: Rick roll or get stuck bugged lol
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