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  1. Wormadur

    Whoop,here I Am (sorry I’m a bad speller/grammar and punctuation I’m sorry)

    Hello community!! I’m wormadur I first played terraria when it first hit x-box 360. I am a purist gamer most of the time and I play video games to escape reality,not enter it (if I wanted to play sports.I’d go outside and play). I find predictable plots and repetion repulsive and dismal because...
  2. Wormadur

    tModLoader New to mods

    So I’m new to mods in fact I’m new to pc version honestly I didn’t know there was a difference. So I like mods that inhance the speed of nessisary tasks like the one I found for speedy pickaxes and will not use anything that lets u just craft or get items w/o orbtaining nessisary materials...
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