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  1. Aachen

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    1. Enable only half of your mods and create a world 2. If you get stuck, disable half of your enabled mods and create a world. 3. If you don't get stuck with a set of enabled mods, it means the problematic mod is in the disabled half of mods. Enable those and create a world. 4. Continue...
  2. Aachen

    tModLoader TerraGuardians - Terrarian Companions

    I actually had the same problem as well, but not sure if it's caused by your mod or not.
  3. Aachen

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    FYI it seems Tmodloader has been updated to a new version. (again)
  4. Aachen

    tModLoader Elements Awoken (WIP)

    I have the same problem as well on multiplayer.
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