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  1. Girder

    Terraria State of the Game: December 2019

    Developer News & Announcements: Mobile - 505 Games/DR Studios
  2. Girder

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    There's no setting to specify individual layer heights, but you can set the overall world height higher which increase the height of all layers, which would give you more sky. Depending on what values you use you use you may need the Large World Enabler mod. ETA: I think TEdit let's you specify...
  3. Girder

    tModLoader The Wayfaring Merchant

    It's a "Robot Hat" and "Wolf Mask". EDIT: okay, I figured out I had a mod conflicting with this, namely Merchants+. For the moment I'll probably keep both and just disable Merchants+ whenever I have hats to trade. Appreciate the response. Btw, I got one of his keys during a recent Blood Moon...
  4. Girder

    tModLoader Orchid Mod

    Looks good =)
  5. Girder

    tModLoader Saschahis NPC Control Mod

    Hi, love the mods, but I'm having problems with Item Control. I've set filters for all the Thorium Leaves (Leaf, Chilled Leaf, Tropical Leaf, etc) hoping they would stop dropping every time I chop down a tree, but sadly the leaves are still dropping. 🍻
  6. Girder

    tModLoader The Wayfaring Merchant

    How, uh, how exactly do I "trade" hats with the guy? I've got a robot hat and a wolf mask. I can sell them to him, but that just seems to be a simple sales transaction, nothing else happens. Choosing "Trade Hats" and he just keeps telling me that he trades hats, regardless of whether I've got...
  7. Girder

    Vipix' Toolbox

    Does this mod still work? I was hoping to try the Smartammer, but looking for recipes with Recipe Browser only shows two items from this mod (Rattlesnake Wand and Unstable Staff). I know the last update was about six months ago... EDIT: okay, nevermind me, the Merchant is selling it...
  8. Girder

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    First you need to download and install tModLoader. You can find instructions here: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/1-3-tmodloader-a-modding-api.23726/ Then, when you fire up the game there will be an option for the Mod Browser in the main menu.
  9. Girder

    HD KATTUI - A Terraria Interface Pack by Techdude594 and Kiddles

    Well, it's weird, I only get the purple lines on one world (so far), and only some of the time. Similarly I only occasionally get those bright background circles in my inventory. In any event, when those happen it certainly doesn't break the game and the other improvements definitely out weigh...
  10. Girder

    tModLoader Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more

    That's not true. From the first post:
  11. Girder

    tModLoader Orchid Mod

    Not a big discord user, but I will I've been using this mod for quite some time now, though mostly for the mine shaft portion of the mod. As was said previously, not a lot of biome/structure/etc mods around so this is nice to have. I understand you may not be focusing on any further such things...
  12. Girder

    HD KATTUI - A Terraria Interface Pack by Techdude594 and Kiddles

    Does anyone know why this happens with: (the item box background circle thing, that is - but also the purple lines in the background)? thanks 🍻
  13. Girder

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    That is correct.
  14. Girder

    tModLoader Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more

    Ditto for me as well - the update downloads in the mod browser but hangs once the progress bar fills up. I was however able to download the update from the github page and instill easily that way. cheers 🍻
  15. Girder

    cant change keybinds

    Can you give us some more info? Normally to change a keybind you would go into Settings->Control->Keybinds, then: 1) left click on an action once so it turns yellow 2) press they key/mouse button/et al you want to assign to the action Can you be a bit more specific about where you are running...
  16. Girder

    tModLoader Antiaris

    Both have been working just fine for me for quite some time.
  17. Girder

    tModLoader Begone, Evil! (Disable Corruption Spread)

    I've been using it just fine with Thorium. Can't speak to Calamity.
  18. Girder

    tModLoader the thorium mod does not work for me

    Why would he need Overhaul?
  19. Girder

    tModLoader How many mods is too much?

    I've been playing with 40+ recently with few noteworthy problems. Of course what can be considered "too much" is subjective, and is in any event likely hardware dependent.
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