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    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    I would like to see this changed. I’ve never seen the item in game, but now that I know it exists, this is certainly a change worth making. Also, sort of. Whether we are aware that a word is offensive or not is largely based on whether we were taught that, and that often depends on where we...
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    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    Izzabelle has specifically stated that these will not be made into a mod at the very least until they are done, and possibly not at all, so this will not be happening soon, if ever.
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    [Light Pets] Flying Disco Ball

    I like the idea of a disco ball pet, but I would make it available earlier as previously discussed.
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    WIP Throwing Class Improvements! Making Them A Better Choice

    Seems pretty neat for endgame thrower (the armor is super neat). Something for mistake would be needed as well to make it a more complete class, but making a suggestion for every tier in the game would probs be a bit over the top anyway. Anyways, cool suggestion!
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    Sprites Small Suggestion Saturday: The Adventurer's Whip!

    This seems cool. Having a swinging hook would be neat, and it would make Doctor Bones more exciting to find.
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    Sprites Small Suggestion Saturday: The Beach Bomber!

    I like it. Neat idea. Also, I like the new profile image.
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    CC Creation Compendium #66

    I liked them all, but my favorite had to be HuzbubberTim’s Undertale build.
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    PC Queen Jellyfish

    Actually, the mod is from this. From the Thorium page:
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    Alternate Begining for summoner class

    That’s reasonable. Thinking about it, none of the sets I can think of actively punish the player for using other gear, you just don’t get the benefits. A temporary summon item (maybe one that could be crafted instead of found) might work better.
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    Alternate Begining for summoner class

    1/180 chance of replacing a normal slime spawn, so they are pretty rare. Also, the rare mob detector displays them, so they are a rare mob by game terms. But this is rather off topic, and really doesn’t need to be argued about.
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    Alternate Begining for summoner class

    Since it is a 1/10000 drop, getting it can happen pretty early with luck. Pinky is a rare mob, so that doesn’t make a huge difference. I don’t tend to see them more than like 5-7 times a game, and by that time, I am into the point where the slime staff is irrelevant anyway.
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    Alternate Begining for summoner class

    On the slime staff being rare: I have played through Terraria a few times since it got added, and I still haven’t seen it, so I would say it’s pretty rare. On the set: Seems near enough.
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    Stone Carver NPC

    They sound interesting. What would be their spawn condition?
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    WIP The Discovery of True Corruption (+pictures in later chapters.)

    Thank you for writing a finishing chapter. I always enjoyed this, so I am glad it got an actual close.
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    WIP Tales from the lunar coven

    Seems interesting. I’ll keep reading.
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    WIP Savanna Grassland

    Okay. Thank you.
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    WIP Savanna Grassland

    The dungeon always spawns opposite the jungle, so would this spawn near/surrounding the dungeon?
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    Story Dylan and Steve

    Makes sense. Well, looking forward to continued content!
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    Story Dylan and Steve

    Yes! I was starting to wonder if it had been abandoned with the two month silence.
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    [NPC Suggestion] The Trapper! Aka "Suck at invasions? She's your girl!"

    I think only the blocks need picksaw.
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