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  1. Atreedee

    Zenith makes all other weapons obsolete

    Especially with all menacing damage increasing equipment, it shreds any boss in seconds, even in master mode and it goes through walls as well. I find absolutely no reason to use another weapon (except the sniper rifle in PVP because of the zoom). I was ranger for life before zenith. Don't...
  2. Atreedee

    Everybody hates the guide, yet he is the only NPC that helps you for free

    All other NPCs demand money for their services. Like, even if you're literally gonna die, the nurse won't heal you if you don't have money. Let that sink in...
  3. Atreedee

    PC [EU] New Expert World

    I would like some company in the new world I am creating, preferably with microphones. Steam: Atreedee Discord: Atreedee#7638
  4. Atreedee

    Normal Walkthrough

    I'll be playing almost everyday after 5 PM GMT. If you are interested, add me on steam (Atreedee).
  5. Atreedee

    How can I set the game to custom resolution?

    The game lags on all 16:9 resolutions and the 4:3 resolutions are so annoying and look so wide since they get stretched. So I want to set the game to a custom 16:9 resolution like 800x450 or something. Edit: I tried editing the config file but the game crashed and when I ran it again, it was...
  6. Atreedee

    Expert run (GMT 0 to +4)

    I never went hardmode in 1.3 despite previously being a hardcore terrarian since 1.1. A company will surely be appreciated. Steam Name: Atreedee
  7. Atreedee

    New expert world

    Peace, I am going to start a new world as soon as 1 other member join me.. The requirements for joining are: - An ability to use voice chat - Being in a time zone that is near +2 GMT
  8. Atreedee

    Mod maker?

    Hello everyone, I am not actually looking for an ingame guide, I am asking for a software that can edit terraria. A software that can edit weapons and armors stats, can edit monsters spawning change and maybe monsters drop. It will be very appreciated.
  9. Atreedee

    Shortsowrds should thrust on the cursor's direction

    Hello everyone, So. Because no one uses shorswords, they can be more useful if they can thrust in the cursor's direction like spears. That's all, thanks for reading.
  10. Atreedee

    Prove that terraria is illuminati

    So i will start - Terraria has demon eyes - Illuminati is a demon eye Terraria = illuminati confirmed :eek:
  11. Atreedee

    PC [Hamachi] New world

    So i am starting a new world , comment here if you want to join you .. I don't mean anything bad but to join you have to have these requirements : - 15+ Years old ( Because it's just feels more comfortable and better for me to play/talk with people with convergent age ). - You have to have...
  12. Atreedee

    Character eyes

    I think that we should be able to change the eye shape in the character creation menu .. That's it . Thanks for reading.
  13. Atreedee


    Peace everyone, We all know that lamps in terraria are useless because torches provide light more than them which doesn't make sense .. So my suggestion is to make a lamp provide more light than a torch so a lamp would provide enough light to make a big room bright .. just like real life . Also...
  14. Atreedee

    Wyverns should not go through walls

    Because it's annoying , it doesn't let you build a house in the sky or on a floating island and doesn't even make sense , it's not a worm .
  15. Atreedee

    Pet duck

    Summoned by some kind of a very rare fish .When it's summoned it can be green(mallard as @iDuck said) and white(Aflac as @iDuck also said ) or green and black or just white and there would be a chance to get a baby yellow duck (as @Zombie Saru suggested ) . It will swim if it's in the water ...
  16. Atreedee

    Hot-key inventory slots

    Peace everyone, U know it would be very useful if u can make a hot key for ANYTHING ! ( Rod of discord , Ice rod , ropes or even weapons and tools ) There should be 3 hit-key inventory slots that can be defined in the controls option menu like that ( hot-key slot 1 : Key ) ( hot-key slot 2 ...
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