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  1. Godlyhaxx

    PC Very Interesting Mod

    This Mod is Very interesting [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Please leave suggestions down below.
  2. Godlyhaxx

    WIP Ascended NPCs and Items idea

    These are a few ideas i had when i was asleep. This is kind of like an event, but not, its really just a buffed lunar event, out of order This is NOT completed yet, please comment any changes/suggestions i should make. [/SIZE][/COLOR] when Tonaility dies, all of the musical elementals turn...
  3. Godlyhaxx

    PC Magiccheat

    so this mod adds some cheat accessories for Mage builds Everything costs dirt at a workbench [/SPOILER] Leave suggestions if ya want
  4. Godlyhaxx

    Mac Terrarian Mythology

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