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  1. Godlyhaxx

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    Can't download Soul mod From Mod browser, or here
  2. Godlyhaxx

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    Trying to make a new world, like full fledged world, space, underworld, etc. but i'm not sure how to do it without recreating the entire world gen. essentially vanilla world gen
  3. Godlyhaxx

    PC Very Interesting Mod

    currently nothing in the mod, content is being implemented soon
  4. Godlyhaxx

    PC Very Interesting Mod

    its called Very Interesting Mod on the Mod Browser, the author is Radlord (me)
  5. Godlyhaxx

    log out link

    log out link
  6. Godlyhaxx

    PC Very Interesting Mod

    nope! not a joke :)
  7. Godlyhaxx

    PC Very Interesting Mod

    thanks :)
  8. Godlyhaxx

    PC Very Interesting Mod

    This Mod is Very interesting [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Please leave suggestions down below.
  9. Godlyhaxx


  10. Godlyhaxx

    A Beginner's Guide to Shaders

    how would i go about making a circle around something with shaders? if its possible? im trying to recreate the clicker class mod but i dont know how to draw the circle around the player (without making a projectile that is the circle) is it possible?
  11. Godlyhaxx

    Tool ArmorHelper - Sprite armor sets >30x times faster!

    Can you import what would normally outputed? trying to recolor armor without coloring all 4 images
  12. Godlyhaxx


    add a boss that just has Slime AI and a crap ton of HP with its own drops if killed in Prehardmode, Harmode, and Expert mode.
  13. Godlyhaxx

    WIP Ascended NPCs and Items idea

    its ment to be an elemental guitarist i guess, alot of ways of identifying elements is through color, thus the rainbow, the Vines are just a from of attack, same with the ancient dooms (still a place holder)
  14. Godlyhaxx

    WIP Ascended NPCs and Items idea

    Thank you for your suggestions, i like the name, i'll use it. I don't particularly like the idea of the idea of the boss spawning naturally. the spawn item wont be consumable. The vines are supposed to be kind of like these seemingly endless and in the way, but i like your recommendation, i...
  15. Godlyhaxx

    How to change vanilla enemy stats and ai?

    Is it possible to Ovveride Projectile AI
  16. Godlyhaxx

    Modding Help Request: how to modify game methods

    check out Terraria Example Mod (u can just google it) and study it from there, its not that hard to understand, for me atleast
  17. Godlyhaxx

    WIP Ascended NPCs and Items idea

    These are a few ideas i had when i was asleep. This is kind of like an event, but not, its really just a buffed lunar event, out of order This is NOT completed yet, please comment any changes/suggestions i should make. [/SIZE][/COLOR] when Tonaility dies, all of the musical elementals turn...
  18. Godlyhaxx

    tModLoader Assorted Mods by Ef

    are you still working on the mod(s)?
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