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  1. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Sign editing

    I'll post here since I've had no replies There is no enter button to create a new line when editing signs
  2. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Mother slime possible glitch?

    So here goes, I think I may have encountered a bug, I have built an underground corruption farm in the cavern layer, where mother slime is SUPPOSED to spawn, however, when my summoning units are killing, I'm getting up the number of enemies nearby and then obviously how many I've killed however...
  3. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Help required

    Hi guys I'm in need of help, I've built underground biome farms for each biome, however, all the biomes are spawning the correct enemies, i.e jungle spawns trappers etc... But the underground snow biome isn't working at all, it's only spawning ice slimes, no ice tortoises, no icy merman, any...
  4. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Banners

    Hi all, so I have just finished completing my world that has all items, these are items I have collected over the years right upto the latest 1.3.4 release, however I am missing a few banners, so if anyone has all the banners I would gladly trade anything in return for the ones I'm missing, Thanks
  5. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Rainbow slime banner

    Hi all does anyone have the rainbow slime banner for trade? Also looking for Paladin and mothron banners If you do addme at possessed_soul88 Cheers
  6. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Cultist Trophy

    Can any confirm whether or not that you get the trophy as a drop from lunatic cultist?
  7. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Hoplite statue

    Anyone have a hoplite statue going spare? I'll gladly trade for it :) if you do my own is possessed_soul88
  8. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Looking to expand my world

    hi all, ive recently started a new expert world, only built a few things at Minute, looking for people to help expand who will become a regular player, i have an item world so anything needed on your behalf wont be a problem, please note, not been disrespectful, but if your younger than 18’dont...
  9. Possessed_soul88

    Resolved [PS4] Planter boxes

    hi guys, so i might be overlooking something simple here, but i was under the impression that each planter box would spawn the relevant flower? Without having to have say lava, water for waterleaf etc...no mattet wht seed i put in what planter box they will not grow, any ideas? Tia
  10. Possessed_soul88

    Name change

    hey i was just wondering if any of the admins would be able to change my community username for me? Or would i need to create a new account? I have good reason for asking
  11. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Expert loot bags

    if anyone has the expert bags for bosses for trade i will give whatevee you need in return
  12. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Looking for builder

    hi guys, looking for someone with good building experience to help me in a new world, must have a mic, and be OLDER than 18, psn is possessed_soul88 Thanks
  13. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Pvp arena

    hi folks, im looking for volunteers on turning a dungeon into a pvp arena, please add Possessed_soul88 if your interested, plz note i dont not want immature kids adding me, if this applies to you, go find another thread
  14. Possessed_soul88

    Console Help with plantera?

    hi, can someone help me as i am frustrated to a point of bombing my world, i am trying create a area for plantera bulbs to specifically spawn, i have had one in like a week, now none :( i have cleared the map of jungle apart from the area on the screenshot, any advice? Thanks
  15. Possessed_soul88

    Console Jungle trees?!?!

    ok, so hopefully someone can help me out here, ive made myself a tree farm, with all the spacing requirements for the relevant trees, i can successfully grow all the biome trees apart from jungle? Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance :)
  16. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Hot rod fishing pole

    hi all, im currently seeking a hot rod for fishing in lava, if anyone has one up for trade ill gladly give you anything you need in return, i have most items in game :)
  17. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Looking for lime kelp

    hi im looking for lime kelp or dye if anyone could help, thanks Psn - possessed_soul88
  18. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 New players

    any new players out there? Add me Possessed_soul88
  19. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Key molds

    hi, i have been trying to get key molds for a good week now with no luck, if anyone does have any spares available and up for trade, ill gladly trade or buy :) plz add me Possessed_soul88 Thanks
  20. Possessed_soul88

    PS4 Looking for buddies

    hey all, looking for some buddies to start a new world on, done all bosses etc on my world so wanna do another :) got loads of items for free too Possessed_soul88
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