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  1. Uniquepotatoes

    How do you feel about the constant delays and disappointments from Re-Logic?

    Personally I've stopped playing until they add something new.
  2. Uniquepotatoes

    PC Why the drops from Old One's Army need significant buffs.

    Crossposting this from r/terraria since i think it's quite important It's not one of the normal "Add this weapon" suggestions, it's more of a balance suggestion so I hope it still fits here. note: I enjoy this event myself, this is just how I think it could be improved and to give the player...
  3. Uniquepotatoes

    Pixel Art a potato that makes pixel art

    Uniquepotatoes Pixel Art General Terraria Pixel Art <(bad eoc) Calamity Resprites (they're not in the mod) <(vesuvius) <(snowstorm staff)<(cobalt shiv) Spectacle Pack Sprites Non-Terraria
  4. Uniquepotatoes

    Revolutionary idea.

    "Leinfors' Luxury Shampoo" should make your scalp shine if you don't have any hair obviously, literally unplayable.
  5. Uniquepotatoes

    Pixel Art Potatoes shows his weapons because he can't enemy

    hello i make ok weapons because i'm bad at everything else. I'll make a new one in a year or so when i'm hopefully good. idk if you want me to do something sure but im not sheeting or doing enemies.
  6. Uniquepotatoes

    Make Piggy Bank placeable on blocks.

    The introduction of money trough made the safes ability to be placed on blocks pretty useless as money trough is easier to get and free. I suggest making piggy bank placeable on blocks so it's usability is increased and more people use it as a backpack instead of a stationary money storage...
  7. Uniquepotatoes

    Extremely Simple skeletron prime change

    He has to many melee hands that do nothing else then hurt - make his saw arm release sparks like butchers chainsaw but not only when hitting you. It should also deal less damage.
  8. Uniquepotatoes

    Movement Speed changes

    Movement speed is currently the worst prefix you can get on accessories and a pretty useless bonus overall. When you have a dash and a hermes boots functioning accessory it's completely useless and mounts or wings can replace it as well. Therefore i suggest some simple changes to make it a...
  9. Uniquepotatoes

    Sprites Venus Magnum changes and new darts

    You know that gun plantera drops? Venus Magnum is from what i've seen one of the least used weapons in the game and while that applies to all plantera drops it stood out being nothing but a Phoenix Blaster upgrade and converting bullets into high velocity bullets. (how many of you knew that...
  10. Uniquepotatoes

    Christmas Tree Sword Buff

    You might say, "But potatoes, it's not even dropped from pumpking - It's supposed to be weak". Well, remember that the enemy it drops from, Everscream also drops the powerful razorpine. The change is quite simple. The ornaments Everscream shoot shatter into fragments that deal damage and the...
  11. Uniquepotatoes

    Moon Lord

    See the resemblance? The moon lord is generally vortex themed with a teal details and an odd brownish skin. The vortexian looks quite similar to the moon lord in it's anatomy as well with some obvious differences. The other humanoid enemies from the pillars have different colors with only the...
  12. Uniquepotatoes

    Meteorite Balance

    As of now, anyone can get meteorite early by bombing orbs and then using sticky dynamite or other explosives to quickly gather large amounts of meteorite ore. Meteorite armor combined with the space gun is very powerful and can easily defeat EoC and carry you up to WoF. To make it a bit more...
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